The Sisterhood is THREE!

The Sisterhood turned THREE last week! 🎉

3 years ago, I launched an online Pilates membership with the goal of providing quick & effective workouts for busy women and creating an online community that was positive, uplifting, authentic and transformative.

I wish you could have seen me 3 years ago today…

I was living in a townhouse in Lone Tree, Colorado. My daughter was 1 1/2 and I was a few months pregnant with my son – absolutely sick as a dog in the first trimester. 

I didn’t know what to expect when I launched so I had very little support and almost no plan in place – I just had a belief, a belief that women needed this and we could create something incredible.

Many people didn’t catch the vision of what I was working on, but I saw it clearly and I was determined to bring it to life.

I sent an email opening enrollment that morning and within the first few days over 500 women signed up! 

On that day I had no childcare, no team, a not-so-helpful web developer, and no idea what I was in for.

The website malfunctioned and new members couldn’t access their accounts. I was answering hundreds of emails, frantically texting my web developer who would not respond, and allowing my daughter to tear apart the house (see photo).

But as is still the case, I’ve been blessed with the most gracious and kind community that has EVER existed on the internet. Many of those 500 women are still dedicated #TBLsisterhood members to this day and I don’t know where I would be without them! <3

The Sisterhood now has thousands of members around the world, a dedicated team (Sarah, Becky, Jordin <3 ) an AMAZING web developer (who makes my life so much easier) and a handful of other partners to help us keep this movement growing and serving our incredible community of women.

My heart is FULL of gratitude. For the long road it has been to get here. For every nap time that I’ve worked. For the people who supported me along the way. For my team who catches the vision and brings it to life. For the beauty of following your dreams.

For the community of women who make The Balanced Life Sisterhood all that it is. 

Happy birthday #TBLsisterhood

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  1. Liz S. 1 year ago

    Proud member since day 1, Robin! Keep up the great work as my and so many other women’s instructor in The Balanced Life Sisterhood xx

  2. Jennifer Lindberg 1 year ago

    Another proud member since the beginning. not sure if I was day 1, but pretty darn early! Thank you so much for what you’ve built and bringing us along for the ride!

  3. Heather Holmes 1 year ago

    Yes! Proud member since the start. Changed my life, my relationship with my body, food & exercise. Changed my self-talk. Changed the future for my young daughter as I now have a healthier outlook on life, health & body image to share with her, thanks to Robin & the amazing community of The Sisterhood! Thank you & happy birthday!

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