The Balanced Life podcast is a place for honest conversations about what it REALLY looks like to find a sense of balance in the midst of busy lives. Each week I interview women who appear to be “doing it all.” We get real and practical to reveal what they DO and perhaps more importantly, what they DON’T do, to find their own unique sense of balance. We talk health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. Tune in to see how others are making it work and gain practical insights on what it means to create a healthy, happy, uniquely balanced life.



Hi there – I’m Robin!

I live and work in sunny Santa Barbara, CA as the founder and CEO of The Balanced Life – a website that provides quick & effective Pilates workouts for busy women. I am a certified Pilates instructor and am passionate about creating programs that empower, strengthen, restore and rejuvenate my clients from the inside out. I believe in a guilt-free, balanced approach to health & fitness and am passionate about helping women love and care for their bodies in the midst of busy lives.

Outside of The Balanced Life, I can be found chasing my 6-year-old daughter, 3-year-old son, and 9-month-old twins, sneaking in 10-minute workouts, and relaxing on the beach.

I hope you enjoy the show!


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