The Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa

Boulders Resort

I don’t know about where you live, but after a week of gorgeous spring weather we’ve been struck by another round of snow. And I’m over it. Now that I live in Colorado (where you deal with this thing called winter), I’ve decided that an annual Spring trip to a sunny, warm climate is going to be the new tradition.

Boulders Resort

Right now I’m dreaming about The Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa in Carefree, Arizona. Carefree is located just outside of Scottsdale where the sun always shines and the culture is calm.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a week at The Boulders this past fall and I can’t recommend it enough. We were originally searching for a place that would promote a week of healthy, relaxation. We considered Mexico, but coming back fully of greasy Mexican food wasn’t on my list of needs for this trip (don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is, but this trip had a different purpose).

My husband and I were in need of a week of rejuvenation, both mentally and physically. The Boulders turned out to be the perfect place for both.

the boulders arizona

During our week stay, we quickly fell into a daily routine:

-breakfast on the deck

-a workout at the spa

-lunch by the pool

-an afternoon lounging, reading & swimming (maybe a spa treatment, maybe some golf)

-followed by dinner at El Pedregal, an open air shopping center just a short walk from the resort

Golden Door Spa Arizona

The Boulders is home to the iconic Golden Door Spa, which offers a wide variety of holistic treatments, including massages, pedicures, body wraps and even boulder climbing, hiking tours and personal nutrition consultations. I was incredibly impressed by the facilities, the offerings, but most notably, the staff. The spa cafe, full of healthy meal options, fresh smoothies, juices and other refreshing beverages quickly became one of my favorite places on the property.

Golden Door Spa

A client of mine told me that I HAD to try the Lastone Therapy massage. However, at the time I was 6 weeks pregnant so had to skip the massage and opted for a Golden Door Facial instead. But I am not complaining. It was fantastic. My esthetician was warm, welcoming, very attentive to my needs (even my sensitivity to smells as a newly pregnant woman) and used all organic, natural products.

The spa also offers a variety of fitness classes throughout the day, including Pilates 🙂

the boulders resort

I would highly recommend The Boulders to anyone who is looking for a relaxing, yet healthy get-away. So often vacations can be so deeply indulgent that we come back feeling like we need a vacation from our vacation. Not so at The Boulders. After a few days there you’ll come back feeling healthier, more rested and more alive. It’s perfect for a romantic week away or a spa weekend with the girl. I can’t wait to go back.

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