The Biggest Mistakes that Lead to Burnout

A new year brings us new opportunities to align our health and goals. While we’re taking a new approach to goals in 2021, it doesn’t mean we can’t see big changes. 

In this episode, Robin reveals the biggest mistakes people make when setting goals that lead to burnout. She also analyzes red flags that may be why you aren’t seeing results or reaping the benefits from your health journey that you should be. If you’re tired of feeling burnt out and starting and stopping new fitness programs, this episode may help you find a solution! 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Setting intentional rhythms and routines for 2021
  • The mistake that leads to burnout and metabolic issues 
  • Why only believing in high-intensity cardio is a mistake 
  • Robin analyzes red flags in a workout routine 
  • The ripple effect that happens when you don’t listen to your body 
  • Why it’s important to choose a sustainable program 
  • Why you should avoid overcommitting yourself 
  • The benefits of Pilates

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  1. Diana E. Perkel 1 year ago

    love the Sisterhood!! everything about it the workouts the community the recipes the COMMUNITY and the approach to do what i can when I can and I do!! I even fixed my Mac rn to listen on a bluetooth speaker so I can do anything i set my mind to I love it here in the Sisterhood …. I.m so grateful to be a member and Robin you are so lovable and I have such gratitude for you ♡

  2. N hern 1 year ago

    Thanks for the info. clear and well explained

  3. Kelly Cox 1 year ago

    I have not listened to the podcasts regularly, but always enjoy it when I do. I added listening to 1 TBL podcast as part of my monthly rhythms & routines – excited to take time for me more regularly. Thank you!

  4. Ashok Gupta 1 year ago

    Thanks for clearing out the things that we need to be avoided for successful burnout.

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