4-Minute Booty Workout

Short on time? Give this 4-minute Pilates booty workout a try!

In this workout, I’ll lead you through a series of exercises that help strengthen and tone the muscles in your lower body.

CLICK HERE to view the workout on YouTube!

Feel free to sneak this workout in when you don’t have much time, or add it on to another workout for an added booty-strengthening bonus!


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  2. Unabis 9 months ago

    I liked this workout, you can actually do it almost always. It takes a little time, and the results are good if you usually do everything periodically. But I would still use it as part of a large complex and add exercises for legs, arms and the whole body. And do not forget about warming up, so that later you do not have to use, for example, CBD cream to somehow alleviate the pain.

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