Postpartum Pilates Workout

Hi Beauties!

I have a new YouTube workout for you today!

Pilates has carried me through three pregnancies (one with twins!), one miscarriage, and three recoveries. Pilates has been my go-to form of exercise for the prenatal and postpartum seasons and I’m so thankful for the way it’s helped me to both maintain and rebuild my strength.

As an instructor, one thing that drives me crazy is seeing women jump back in to high impact workouts without taking the time to rebuild their core. Yes, it’s good to get moving again, but if you don’t give your body adequate time to recover and take the time to rebuild deep core strength and pelvic floor function, you’re setting yourself up for problems down the road (diastasis recti, bladder control issues, and pelvic floor dysfunction to name a few).

To help those of you who are ready to get back in to your exercise routine after having a baby, I created a short postpartum Pilates workout that you can do from home.

CLICK HERE to watch the workout directly on YouTube.

Use this workout as often as you can and be patient with yourself as you rebuild your strength. I encourage you to honor your body and don’t rush the process. You’ll be better for it down the road!




PS – if you’re pregnant and looking for prenatal-friendly workouts, check out my Prenatal Pilates Program. It includes workouts that are safe for all three trimesters!

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  1. Katherine 6 months ago

    Amen to this! After the birth of my first child, I made the mistake of jumping into HIIT workouts while still recovering from a C-section and a post-surgical infection. It was a terrible choice and took a major toll. I am so glad this time to have come across a better way…

  2. Mary 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for this! I’m due to have my 4th baby in March and have been doing your free prenatal workout videos on YouTube at least 5 days a week. The discomfort this pregnancy has been way less than with my previous 3 pregnancies, and I know it’s because I have been listening to my body and following your workouts whenever something doesn’t feel strong enough or when I just need to stretch.
    I look forward to using this video once my doctor clears me for exercise after this baby is born. Thank you for all the videos you provide for free on your channel! I really appreciate them!

  3. Meagan 6 months ago

    Can this postnatal workout be done prior to the 6 week postnatal mark?

    • Teddi Lamons 6 months ago

      Hi Meagan! You’ll want to receive clearance from your medical provider before engaging in any physical activity after birth. However, exercise usually isn’t recommended until the 6- to 8-week mark. 🙂

  4. Gwyneth Preu 6 months ago

    Thank you for this! I am due in March with my 3rd child and am looking forward to trying this workout after the birth. I would love any additional tips on how long to wait to exercise, recovery, etc. – maybe another blog post?

  5. Sarah 5 months ago

    Hi. That’s awesome Postpartum Pilates Workout! I’m going to give birth of my fist baby next month so I really need the workout. I think it’s too hard to do. Not only workout, I’m also think of good diet and supplement for postpartum. I have taken iron supplement which give me a visible result I bought from Do you know if I have to continue having iron during Postpartum. Thank you in advance for your sharing.

    • Teddi Lamons 5 months ago

      Hi Sarah! Congratulations – that’s so exciting! 🙂 Choosing the proper supplements during and after pregnancy is a great thing to discuss with your medical provider, as each body and situation varies. Wishing you a healthy remainder of your pregnancy!

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