Monique Melton: healthy relationships, defining your worth and creative ways to lighten your load

In order to have a whole, happy, and fulfilling life that aligns with our goals, we have to establish solid relationships not only with others, but with ourselves.

Today’s guest, Monique Melton, is a relationship and racial diversity coach with a passion for creating unity. Monique encourages others to do intentional heart work that will break down boundaries in their spiritual, personal, and relational growth. 

In this episode, Monique shares how she has personally let go of the pressure of perfection in her own life and how she’s changed her mindset to commit to her family and personal needs, not societal obligations. She also talks about how she has redefined motherhood for herself and established a better relationship with the gym, all while being an entrepreneur. 

Monique Melton on The Balanced Life Podcast

Show Highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • What Monique’s faith and career look like currently 
  • A typical day in the life for Monique and her family 
  • Paralleling Monique’s current career to her childhood vision

Prioritizing + making time for what matters

  • How Monique prioritizes important aspects of her life 
  • Things Monique has had to let go of that don’t support her priorities 
  • Finding ways to incorporate health and fitness into your lifestyle 
  • Ways to incorporate leisure into a busy schedule 
  • Recognizing your family’s needs and meeting them to the best of your ability 

Letting go of perfection + allowing yourself to feel

  • Letting go of pressure and the mindset of perfection
  • Disassociating your self-worth from your ability to do it all 
  • Reflecting on experiences that have evoked fear and anxiety 
  • Allowing yourself to feel your emotions and taking action in a way that makes you proud 
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable 

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Monique Melton on The Balanced Life Podcast

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