Seeing Progress Beyond the Scale

Working out just to lose weight can leave you feeling discouraged, unmotivated, and burnt out. However, taking a wider approach from the perspective of your health and fitness journey can change that. 

Today, Robin shares the vast array of benefits that comes with practicing Pilates and these benefits go far beyond the scale.

If you want to be proud of your health and fitness journey, and to find a routine that leaves you feeling strong, energized, and less stressed, join Robin Long in this episode to hear of the benefits Pilates has for you.

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Robin shares what the real purpose behind The Balanced Life is 
  • Why before and after photos can be deceiving 
  • Why it’s more important to focus on how you feel than a number on the scale
  • Taking a wider look at your progress – beyond the size of your jeans
  • Robin shares results from members in The Sisterhood
  • Taking a deeper look at health and fitness 

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  1. Lavonne 5 months ago

    Can you notify me when I can enroll?
    [email protected]

    • Hi Lavonne! We will be re-opening enrollment to The Sisterhood following the Feel Good Pilates Challenge (that kicks off on Monday, March 1st)!

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