Carly Brannon: pursuing passions, prioritizing family and the power of starting over

Carly Jean is an entrepreneur, an artist, a visionary, but most importantly, she’s a wife and a mom to 4 wonderful children. Today, Carly shares her tactics to delegate life as a business owner and a parent by creating a cohesive vision for your life. 

Carly and Robin dive into how to be intentional with your time, aligning your goals, and cultivating a lifestyle that checks off all of your priorities. Tune into this episode of The Balanced Life with your host, Robin Long, to help you set realistic expectations for you and your family. 

Show Highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • How Carly Jean Los Angeles got started 
  • How LA influenced Carly’s drive and creativity 

How Carly Balances it all (spoiler, she doesn’t)

  • Identifying your top priorities in different seasons of life 
  • Balancing a full-time job and still being present for your family 
  • Delegating your strengths and finding others who compliment what you need 
  • Finding creative ways to share time and use your resources 

Self-Care & Priorities

  • Allowing yourself to let go of things to make more time for priorities 
  • Communicating expectations to diminish feelings of guilt
  • Recuperating from seasons of burnout 
  • Maintaining self-care and nutrition 
  • Incorporating exercise into daily life and finding what works best for your lifestyle 

Tips for how to bring more balance in your own life

  • Things you say no to in order to commit to your goals 
  • Combatting the pressure of feeling the need to be “more” 
  • Establishing a good relationship with social media and looking past comparison 
  • Telling your calendar what you want your time to look like 

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  1. Juliet. 2 years ago

    To sum up The Balanced Life Podcast in Robin’s words – I love that!

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