Bedtime Pilates Routine

Hi friends!

Could you use a little something to help you wind down, release tension, and let go of stress you’ve been carrying around in your body?

I just uploaded a brand new workout to The Balanced Life’s YouTube channel and I think you’re going to love it…

This routine will help you to release tension, breathe deeply, and also wind down your mind and body so you can set yourself up for a good night’s rest. Come back to this routine anytime you need to de-stress! 

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Remember to take care of yourself this week. You’re worth it. 


PS – Need a little extra self-care? Click here for 3 ways to calm your mind today.

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  1. Deanna 8 months ago

    This is great, I love the idea of a bedtime routine! What would you modify to make it safe for prenatal? I’m 21 weeks.


    • Hi Deanna! Congratulations – what a gift! We always recommend checking with your medical professional first to make sure you’re cleared to do Pilates. Because this routine isn’t specifically prenatal-friendly, we recommend giving one of our prenatal workouts a try, such as our Prenatal Pilates Series on our YouTube channel. We also have a Prenatal Pilates Program available for purchase on our website that is designed for the entire pregnancy. As you become more and more familiar with modifications that work well for you, you can then come back to this routine and modify as needed! 😊

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