A guided meditation for motivation + self-care

Sometimes we need a reminder of how truly strong, capable, and beautiful we really are. In today’s episode, Robin walks through a guided meditation to help bring you to a place of relaxation, calmness, and to motivate you to feel inspired to prioritize your self-care. This episode is perfect to start off your day with positivity, or to wind down before bed. Join Robin in this peaceful and empowering meditation. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Finding a comfortable place to start meditation 
  • Breathing and awareness exercises 
  • Noticing your mental state 
  • Imagining the healthiest and most fulfilled version of yourself 
  • Affirmations to enhance your motivation for self-care 
  • Taking affirmations to approach your day with positivity and self-love 

Links in this episode:

If you would like a visual reminder of these affirmations or even get one as a background for your phone, click here!

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  1. hemant 4 months ago

    nice meditation motivates me with helpful knowledge thanks for share this.

  2. Daniel Fuller 3 months ago

    some stressors can’t be changed, and that’s hard!

  3. Lori Daugherty 3 months ago

    I was having a rough day void of positivity. This meditation cleared my head and calmed my thoughts. At the end I felt renewed and able to focus on achieving my daily tasks. Will definitely repeat this mediation when I have another difficult day! Thank you Robin and The Sisterhood!

  4. List of Newspapers 3 months ago

    Well.. this was so good

  5. Carol Pelliccia 4 weeks ago

    Well done!

  6. Diane Wiest 3 weeks ago

    Loved this do much!!!!
    Did it on my back porch with birds singing and the sound of our water fountain. So relaxed!
    Thank you!

  7. Eve 3 weeks ago

    That was beautiful after the day I had .will return to again .Thanks so much Robin.

  8. Robyn 3 weeks ago

    Is it possible to download this to play again?

  9. Jo Brown 3 weeks ago

    thank you – hope to join you regularly

  10. Amjaad Alsihany 3 weeks ago

    Love it ,thank you 💞

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