A Daily Stretch to Relieve Low Back Pain

I get a lot of questions regarding how to relieve low back pain. In many of my clients, this condition is exacerbated by sitting for long hours, whether it be at a computer, in meetings or on an airplane.

Tight hamstrings are often related to tightness or pain in the lower back region. Although it’s important to participate in an exercise regimen, such as Pilates, to train the entire core and loosen the muscles in conjunction with the pain, adding this simple stretch to your work-day will help ease your pain.

To start, stand tall, approximately 3 feet away from a wall.

back pain from sitting

From there, walk your hands down the wall until your torso is parallel to the floor. Maintain a nice, long, flat back position and actively reach your tailbone away from the wall. Keep your hips back over your heels.

back pain

You should feel a nice  deep stretch down the back of your legs and into your low back. If you’re extra tight, try bending your knees get into the stretch.

Questions? Ask away.

  1. Charlotte VanderBent 2 years ago

    How long to hold this stretch?

    • Teddi Lamons 2 years ago

      Feel free to hold this stretch for as long you’d like! However, if you start to feel pain, you’ll want to ease up…Pilates stretches should never be painful.

  2. fitnessbtf 2 years ago

    Tried this stretch this morning and it does feel really good! I rolled my towel too big for roll-ups this morning and I’m feeling a little distress in my lower back. Found this stretch by searching “stretch back” and it does help. I will be visiting the conference room wall periodically throughout the day at work!

  3. Marina the Dreamer 10 months ago

    Thanks for nice stretch tips=) But what if the pain doesn’t go? There is a huge amount of pain relief things on the market, and all of them contain cooling components. I was advised to use ointment like this one https://www.tigerbalm-baumetigre.com/blog/46-uses-tigerbalm/. This tiger balm is used to cure a lot of things, how effective it can be, what do you think?

    • Clara 10 months ago

      I have tried tigerbalm! It hepled me and my husband, although my sister didn’t get the effect. It depends on people or proper usage))

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