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Success at The Balanced Life is about so much more than a number on the scale.
Click below to read real stories from real women and hear how their lives have
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What Sisterhood Members Are Saying

The Sisterhood is more than an exercise program-it is a positive and balanced way of life!

Rachael H., Sisterhood Member since June 2016

Coming from a background in fitness AND being a former instructor, I can honestly say that The Sisterhood has been the best program I have ever done.

Kristie F., Sisterhood Member since January 2015

Every woman should be a member of The Sisterhood!!

Jeannine L., Sisterhood Member since March 2016

I’ve never seen anything like the encouragement of the women in the Sisterhood.

Jessi F., Sisterhood Member since March 2016

Exercise has always been a punishment or negative activity. Now it’s something that I look forward to every day.

Jessi F., Sisterhood Member since March 2016

The Sisterhood has given me not only a manageable way of keeping healthy and strong, but also it’s given me a community of supportive women I can call on for encouragement and advice.

Kelly F., Sisterhood Member since December 2015

The Sisterhood community is fantastic! Knowing other people are with you pursuing health and learning that grace over guilt is key. We’re not perfect but we’re constantly moving forward together.

Lydia R., Sisterhood Member since December 2015

The Sisterhood is a great community of women where you get a quick and effective workout along with awesome recipes that the whole family enjoys!

Ginny S., Sisterhood Member since March 2015


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