Sisterhood Member since 2018

The Balanced Life has shown me how to make the lifestyle changes I have always wanted to achieve. I  now exercise 5-6 days a week. I am growing stronger and more flexible and I am STICKING WITH IT! I don’t feel guilty if I miss a day and I am always ready to dive back in the next day. The short and effective workouts are do-able even with a busy family and work life. I love the Sisterhood!


Sisterhood Member since 2017

I am able to be an example of consistent self-care for my kids without having to truck them to a gym and have them be miserable there. The workouts are doable in the amount of time my kids will play happily independently. Try the short 10-15 minute workouts and I promise you’ll notice a difference in physical and mental health in the first week!!


Sisterhood Member since 2019

I feel so much better in my body. I know that even if I only have 10-15 minutes, I can go into the Sisterhood app and get a GREAT workout that leaves me feeling refreshed. The ease of access to the workouts help make my fitness a priority.


Sisterhood Member since 2019

I thought there was no way 10 minutes was enough. I was so wrong! I’m stronger, more toned, I’ve lost weight, and have better posture, in just 3 months since I’ve joined!I can do exercises now that seemed impossible just 3 months ago when I joined, like the roll-up and open leg rocker. My mindset has been transformed from “I may as well give up since I skipped a week of exercise or had a few cheat days on my diet” to “grace over guilt” and “consistent forward progress.” I’m more confident in my ability to get and stay healthy for the rest of my life.


Sisterhood Member since 2016

I have loved that I can do the workouts anywhere and have done them over the course of adding to our family. Robin is always upbeat and encouraging and the recipes have helped me feel my best. Being a part of TBL has been a constant for me in a period of years that have had a lot of changes in our family and definitely with my body. I have always felt welcomed back to the mat whether I’ve taken a day or a month off!



Sisterhood Member since 2017

I feel like The Balanced Life version of myself is my best self, which I would describe as healthy, positive, and kind to myself. So many times I’ve thought, “duh, balance!” This could be after I’ve eaten a cherry danish and realize I can still have a healthy lunch or when Robin says, “you’re done for the day!” after just 15 minutes.


Sisterhood member since 2017

You won’t regret arming yourself with knowledge of how your body is designed to function and what you can do to fuel your body for long-term health. I wasn’t sure if I could do at-home workouts successfully, but each video has helpful instruction and encouragement to help you gain strength safely. I always end each workout feeling uplifted and challenged in a good way.


Sisterhood Member since 2018

I used to believe in an “all or nothing” attitude in all areas of my life which created an unhelpful cycle of self loathing. The Sisterhood has significantly decreased the amount of shame I’ve experienced, associated with an inconsistent workout routine and when I get off track. The Sisterhood is the only holistic program that addresses the WHOLE PERSON. And Robin is such a joy to watch and listen.


Sisterhood Member since 2018

TBL is completely different from the rest of the wellness industry that preaches that you need to change yourself, go all in and extreme to see results, and heavily preys upon women’s insecurities. TBL is the opposite of all of that. Body positive, empowering, reasonable. I love everything about it.


Sisterhood Member since 2017

The design of TBL is exactly what I needed in my life to achieve the self-care I so desperately was searching for.  I just wanted quick and effective pilates exercises I could fit into my life and got a WHOLE lot more!  Robin is a leader and mentor who understands…she gets it, she doesn’t judge…she empathizes and nudges you when you need it most.



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