WORKOUT: Cardio + Pilates Circuit

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This is a favorite series of mine. I’ve written it as a 40 minute workout but if you have less time just adjust the length to fit your needs. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Cardio: 15 minute run

– Jog at an easy pace for the first 5 minutes. Once you begin to feel warm pick up the pace and run at a HARD pace for the remaining 10 minutes. It’s not a long duration so you can afford to push yourself and tire yourself out.

Pilates: 10 minutes 

– Visit my YouTube page and pick any video that suits your needs. I recommend “Flat Tummy February” for a solid 10 minute core strengthening workout.

Cardio: 15 minute run

– Head out for another 15 minute cardio session. Run at a fairly hard pace for the entire set.  Just think:  7.5 minutes out and 7.5 minutes back and you’re done!

By sandwiching your strength training in between two cardio sessions you’ll keep your heart rate up for 40 minutes without actually having to run for 40 minutes. In addition, breaking it up into 3 short sections makes the time fly by. Focus on completing one section at a time and you’ll have completed a fabulous workout in 3 easy steps.

Let me know how it goes!




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