Why I don’t flaunt my body as a fitness professional…

I felt like changing things up last week, and did a HIIT workout from a random channel I found on YouTube.

My son was napping and my daughter was next to me, waiting patiently for me to finish my workout so we could go out front and play.

I pressed play – and immediately noticed how my daughter locked in on the screen.

The instructor (who was gorgeous, strong, and very fit) was wearing a teeny tiny sports bra and teeny tiny shorts.

My daughter walked up to the screen, stared at the instructor, listened to her words and then said, “Mommy, where is her shirt?”

Now, please don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people exercising in sports bras, wearing swimsuits, and being proud of their bodies. In fact, I LOVE when women are confident, connected to and proud of their bodies!

But at the same time, I didn’t really want my daughter to watch.

I turned the screen away from her, and asked her to go play on the other side of the room. I turned the volume down as low as possible so she wouldn’t hear the instructor telling me to “work hard to work off last night’s dinner!”

These things matter.

I care what she sees and what messages she internalizes.

I am intentional about not my body as a marketing tool because I want you to exercise for the way it makes you feel, not because of the way I look.

I know I could have a bigger Instagram following, get more likes and have more YouTube subscribers if I used sexy photos showing chiseled abs and skimpy clothes. But I’m not in this for followers and the likes.

I’m in this to create a movement of change and a tribe of women who are paving the way for our younger generation.

I want you to use my videos with your kids in the room playing beside you (or perhaps more realistically, right on top of you).

I don’t want you to spend your time on the mat comparing your body to mine, or anybody else’s.

I don’t want you or your kids to hear messages like “you have to work hard to work off last night’s dinner” while you’re exercising at home.

I want you to know that when I’m filming my videos, I pay attention to these things.

I choose my clothes intentionally.

I choose my words wisely so the little ones in the room are hearing positive messages about exercise, self-care and their body.

I choose words that encourage, uplift and inspire a healthy love for movement (rather than words that make exercise about vanity, punishment or unrealistic expectations).

I care about these things.

Do you?

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  1. Olivia Giordano 1 year ago

    Love it! Thanks for being intentional about what you say and wear. ❤️

  2. Rebecca Herber 1 year ago

    I must say I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in this! My 15 year old daughter does your videos and I don’t have any hesitation letting her choose whichever one she wants to do. I know that what she will see is a strong and fit woman and what she will hear is positive talk about a women’s body. Your grace over guilt message is so important for her (and me!) to hear. Thank-you thank-you for all the dedication and thought you put into this and all you do!!

    • Author
      Sarah Stoll 1 year ago

      Thank you for your kind words, Rebecca! 🙂

    • Hanna 1 year ago

      So true!! I like the message it sends to my daughters, and I’m comfortable with my teenage sons seeing it as well. They see a healthy, modest, vibrant woman. Thank you!

  3. Marianne 1 year ago

    As a mom of three sons, I noticed! Another reason I’m glad I’m part of The Balanced Life. Thank you, Robin.

  4. Nicole Rasinski 1 year ago

    Reading this post gave me goosebumps…my husband/I have 3 young girls that we are molding and shaping, and we are very picky/have a high standard on what we allow in our house that is healthy. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate how classy you are – dress, mouth, everything. I know those workout videos that you are talking about. I have done the same things as I don’t want my little girls seeing/hearing that. Thank you so much for being out of the norm, I certainly appreciate it!

  5. Kay 1 year ago


    Thank you Robin. The workout attire and the words you use so align with all that is in your mission and hope for The Balanced Life. I have even borrowed some your phrases to use with my students, such as….it’s okay if you cannot do this yet just know this is where your headed – great mindset!


  6. Christy Marsden 1 year ago

    Robin, thank you for writing this! One of my favorite things about your flavor of pilates is the positive messaging. It’s never seen as punishing yourself for eating poorly or making yourself skinnier or indulging in any of those body-negative tropes that surround every other part of my life and regularly play in my own self-talk. I so much appreciate that you encourage us to work on our strength, to feel better about the way our bodies move, and to always work at our level. I’ve always appreciated this, and I’m so thankful that you remain intentional about this – it’s helped me start to shift my own view of working out, too.

  7. Mei Lin 1 year ago

    Oh my goodness Robin, I so appreciate the modesty! It’s so great to be able to recommend you without needing to worry about if the instructor doesn’t have much on, and it’s refreshing to have clean workout videos more than you know!

  8. Kelly Brandt 1 year ago

    How completely refreshing you are! Your healthy life style isn’t only epitomized in your physique – but also in the mental and emotional aspects! Thank you for being the kind of leader that people WANT to follow. The kind that thinks of others before themself. The intentionality of how you do things is inspiring and appreciated more than you know! You’re right – it DOES matter!

  9. Deborah Ream 1 year ago

    I love your approach on these topics. It’s so refreshing to know more of us are looking for what you bring everyday through your message in The Sisterhood. This is why I come back again and again. It inspires me to be less perfect and more graceful. Thank you.

  10. Carey Berry 1 year ago

    This is so true and so important. My kids are climbing on me very often and I really wouldn’t get a workout if I had to keep the videos out of their sight. My kids will usually try to workout with me and I absolutely appreciate how you dress and talk. I also love that you workout with respect for your body and in concert with your body and where it is, not to punish, restrict, reward but rather to be the best you that you can be. I want my kids to grow up with a strong body, mind, and spirit and that is one reason I workout and cook nourishing meals for all of us. Thank you Robin!

  11. Jane Carle 1 year ago

    Thank you Robin! You are beautiful inside and out! You have such a positive message about body image and I really appreciate that.

  12. Gina Vinz 1 year ago

    I really appreciate your modesty. My husband and I had tried to do a workout challenge together over a year ago, and we quit because he was uncomfortably distracted by the lack of clothing on the instructor. It’s a real struggle for men! And I admit that I didn’t really care for seeing someone jump around nearly naked either! And in a world with all the garbage on TV and media, it’s just so refreshing that you don’t subscribe to all of that hype and are just REAL and unsensationalized and AUTHENTIC – which seems so rare these days. You are a breath of fresh air in a polluted world. I love love love everything about what you do and what you stand for.

  13. Julie King 1 year ago

    Thank you, Robin, for leading with such integrity and honor. As a mom of 4 daughters, I am grateful for your stand! Thanks for being above board and so counter culture!! It’s so refeshing!!!!!

  14. Tahiti van Rooyen 1 year ago

    Hi Robin, this is why I love your blog and your videos. You keep it real and you pay attention to the things that matter to me. I cannot tell you just how much I appreciate that.

  15. Laurie 1 year ago

    I noticed and that is why I signed up. I can do these with all my kids walking by and they are only mocking me and not noticing you!

  16. Sue 1 year ago

    Thank you Robin! Love your videos!

  17. Kaylee 1 year ago

    I’ve definitely noticed a difference between your videos and others online. I love the way you present yourself. You’re “another mom” not a fitness model flaunting her abs. Its so refreshing to see and its why I love your videos!

  18. Blondy Bunny 1 year ago

    Being an 82 yr old woman trying to keep as fit as possible, I’ve used your workouts to pick up tips appropriate to my level of abilities. I didn’t realize what attracted me to your site but now I realize it is your ordinary balanced approach and continual encouragement to be the best one can be at this time with realistic improvement goals for the future. Please don’t get caught up with all the extremism available on the internet, especially the critical negativity – keep doing what you are doing.

    • Robin Long 1 year ago

      Thank you so much for the encouragement! It means a lot. 🙂

  19. Brenna Busler 1 year ago

    Your attention to these details do not go unnoticed! In fact, your choice of modest outfits was something I noticed in the first challenge that I did. I’m thankful for your choice!! Thank you for thinking about what many would consider to be a “little thing” … it is a big thing to me. Your thoughtfulness to this is a testament to your character. Thank you!

  20. Susan McKinley 1 year ago

    Thank you for this. One can relay the message of the visual benefit of being fit without the skimpy little outfits. It would be so refreshing to be complemented on our intellect rather than our T and A. Thanks again for helping to make that change one step at a time. : )

  21. gabriela neirotti 1 year ago

    I just love this post, and this is one of the reasons why I love to work out with you. Guilt it´s never in the picture. Thank you so much for keeping these details on mind all the time!

  22. Kristina 1 year ago

    Love this message!!! Thank you!

  23. Melanie Reynolds 1 year ago

    Thank you for taking a stand on being intentional. All of us need to practice this. Thank you for being a positive role model. I love your videos and work outs. Thank you for making a difference in my life.

  24. Wendy 1 year ago

    This is an awesome message, thanks for being so considerate to your clients and their families! I have teenage boys and find myself regularly frustrated with the workout wear girls and women are choosing to wear on the streets. A while ago I was going to Costco and a women got out of her car in skin tight leggings. She had a great body but I believe there’s a much classier way of showcasing it. I wanted to cover my sons eyes and had to resist the urge to go up and ask her why she would choose to dress that way in a family environment. It’s bad enough the teenagers are wearing these to school but I’m seeing more and more mothers embracing this trend. I’m a personal fashion stylist and there are several other ways to accentuate your shape and play up your assets with class.

  25. Colette 1 year ago


    This is exactly why your videos are my favorite and only Pilates videos I watch! I want to workout to feel better about myself not compare my body’s appearance to the fitness instructor who works out for a living. Thank you so much for your honest and positive approach to wellness!

  26. Bethany Hill 1 year ago

    I feel like I could have written all the comments above! Everyone is expressing exactly how I feel and have felt from the first time I saw one of your YouTube videos. I remember thinking “I respect her” and it’s still so true! Thank you. Your character shines through! Plus you do always look cute!

  27. Samantha 1 year ago

    This is one of the things I appreciate about your videos. I never have to worry about what my
    Children will see or hear when they walk in the room. Keep up portraying positive messages!

  28. Janet 1 year ago

    Thank you for your concern about the modesty of yourself/others and ours/your children! I cringe when I am watching a workout video that my husband and/or grandchildren might see where the instructor is wearing very little. Thank you Thank you!

  29. Kathy 1 year ago

    Robin, this is why I am such a big fan of yours! You are so real and down-to-earth, and supportive of your students as they are. I’m a woman “of a certain age,” and I feel very strongly about supporting healthy body image and healthy habits in people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. You keep it real and realistic, and that’s why I’m hooked!! Thank you for what you do, and for writing this blog post and putting a voice to a feeling so many of us have.

  30. Karla 1 year ago

    Thank you, Robin!!

  31. Roni Viles 1 year ago

    Robin, as a woman I appreciate someone who is not using sexuality to get attention. We see this everywhere in our world. Women need to be seen for who they are as people. It doesn’t support us as a whole to step out with SEXY first. I wish more women were confident in this way.

  32. LB 1 year ago

    Oh man! What a great post!!! LOVE IT! And seriously, though I don’t have young kids at home – or any for that matter – (yea empty nest!) – I certainly don’t want my sweet hubby seeing these barely clothed women let alone telling me to work off last nights dinner! Thanks Robin, for having such a great filter and sharing your thoughts with us!

  33. Lydia Ryan 1 year ago

    YES! Exactly why I’ve been in the Sisterhood for going on two years now. What you teach and the way you actually live carry over so well into my day to day life as a mother and woman. You rock!

  34. Raina 1 year ago

    I love this! You are an inspiration. Thank you for this perspective!

  35. Linda 1 year ago

    I am so thankful for you!

  36. Molly Holmlund 1 year ago

    YES! As a mom of two young daughters and as a woman, I have always wondered what the intention is behind those barely there outfit videos that seem to be the majority. Your intent is clear and refreshing, I love having you in my living room as an example to my girls. We workout together or sometimes they just watch, but I know they are getting good values from you helping us get stronger because strong is the new sexy!

  37. Emily Weishaar 1 year ago

    Just another reason I love you, Robin!! I had searched for awhile for the right workout program, and you not only offer fabulous workouts and encouragement, you are also someone I admire and respect. Every morning when I exercise, I feel like I’m working out with a friend. Thanks for taking a stand and being such a positive influence amongst so many negative messages coming at us every day!!

  38. Melissa 1 year ago

    One more reason, to the many that exist already, why I like you Robin! You are the real deal, true to yourself and you care about others!

  39. Irena 1 year ago

    Robin, 100%. This is why you are so relatable to all of us as women and as moms. Words and appearances do matter. This post brought me to tears because it’s so important and how much you get it completely touches my heart.

  40. Bailey Borzecki 1 year ago

    I’ve been in the Sisterhood since 2016, but doing the Balanced Life videos since probably 2014. I’ve always loved that doing her workouts meant I could just be me. I never looked at the screen and felt bad about myself because I didn’t look exactly like the instructor. And I still don’t. Because Robin has really helped me understand that my best is completely different than her best or any other person’s best. That’s a realization and a philosophy that is so much more valuable than a six-pack and booty shorts. So thanks, sister!!!

  41. Anonymous mom 1 year ago

    I love that! I’ve had multiple friends who have become personal trainers or fitness gurus which is part of their online Instagram persona/feed . They wear teeny tiny clothes and show off their hot and amazing bodies often and I couldn’t quite figure out why whenever I looked at these photos it made me feel bad… About myself. My husband is friends with the same personal trainers and it made me feel insecure to know that he’s looking at the same pictures and perhaps subconsciously comparing my body to these amazing women who as a profession get to work out. It made me feel more & more comfortable to the point where I asked my husband to un-follow our flaunting friends. I feel much better now that he doesn’t follow them and I try to just not compare myself to the images I see. Because comparison is the thief of joy. But I have to say when I was doing your work out it never crossed my mind to compare myself to you or think about body image… I just thought about strengthening my body and making it healthy and strong. And that’s pretty cool. So hats off to you and great job!!!

  42. Colleen 1 year ago

    Thank you Robin for being that intentional. This is one of the reasons that I chose to watch your videos over others and why I signed up for the Sisterhood. Life is too short to be unintentional and it is to precious to be focused on the wrong values.

    Good character always out shines other noticeable – you are respectable and your character is right out in front – thanks again.

  43. Danica 1 year ago

    Thank You for choosing to run your business (and live your life) in this manner! It’s not something that goes unnoticed on this side of the screen either.

  44. kerry brown 1 year ago

    Such a lovely post . I would let my baby daughter watch your videos any day . You are an inspiration Robin X

  45. Sally Luebben 1 year ago

    I applaud you for this!! <3

  46. Heather 1 year ago

    I feel like I might be the only dissenting opinion in this group, but I have to speak up anyway. I just want to start with the fact that I have been in the Sisterhood from the beginning, really love your videos, appreciate that you let us concentrate on ourselves, and that you have a very healthy self-image and great personality, especially as an instructor. However, I strongly feel that women can and should wear whatever they want (whatever makes them feel confident) and that we need to change the conversations about that with our children, husbands, family, and friends. It starts with us. We need to address our reactions to other women rather than hiding computer screens and thinking that our husbands and kids should avert their eyes. It is so easy to answer these questions as they come up: “Why is she not wearing a shirt?” Answer: “Sometimes women want to wear bathing suits or workout clothes like that when it’s hot outside.” Or, “Sometimes women wear that to work out, but I like my tshirt and pants better.” Kids are learning from us, and their reactions might surprise us. A child might just say “OK” and be on their way, and at the same time we’re teaching them to be tolerant of others and understanding of peoples’ choices. However, by MAKING it a big deal through turning a screen or maybe not addressing a question, we are teaching them that women’s bodies are sometimes too sexual and it’s the woman’s fault that we are reacting a certain way…when in fact, it is OUR fault that we are reacting a certain way. I know that this may not be anyone’s intent, but these actions further victimize women and in subtle ways we are telling children and men that it’s the woman’s fault for any actions against her and not theirs…we’re supporting the idea that men will think scandalous thoughts while looking at a woman and won’t be able to help themselves, rather than just making it not a big deal and teaching them to NOT act on those thoughts and respect women. Respect is not intrinsically tied to a woman’s clothing. We need to keep conversations going about how it doesn’t matter what someone wears, we can still treat them equally and with respect. Again, I know that this was likely not your intent, and that other women who support your opinion maybe haven’t thought in depth about the ramifications of these actions, but actions and opinions like this may and often do contribute to the current culture of “boys will be boys” and “women must be conservative to be equal to men”. Both of which are false ideas and dangerous societal constructs. Anyway, I wanted to provide my feedback and opinion on the matter, in case others were reading this article and the following comments and felt like I felt today. We need to keep supporting ALL women, no matter what they choose to wear, and maybe start talking about how we can positively address these issues without having to hide things from men and children. I really like that you wear what you want and care about what others think in the Sisterhood, so I wanted to share my viewpoint as well!

    • Robin Long 1 year ago

      I think we are actually more on the same page than than a different page! I very much agree with a lot of what you’re saying (and I made sure to say in my post that I’m in full support of women wearing sports bras, swimsuits, etc.). I agree that women have the right to dress how they want and embrace their bodies. I want my daughter to know that as well – but she is only 4. And so I am at a place where I am realizing what she hears and internalizes without having much context to go with it. We actually did have a great conversation about why the instructor wasn’t wearing a shirt (and to be honest – I was in a sports bra too while doing the video! So it was a great conversation opportunity!) But the bigger point I wanted to share is simply that I have chosen not to wear revealing and super sexy outfits to promote my business – even though I’ve been told it will sell more and my business will grow faster. I want people to feel motivated to exercise for different reasons AND I don’t my success (or anyone else’s success) to be tied to how they look or how much they weigh. And so this post is really just meant to explain why I choose this for my personal business and brand. And how I believe it’s important to be mindful about the messages and media you’re bringing into your house. Whatever you choose, do it intentionally, not by default. I think we’re on the same team and I really do appreciate your thoughts. 🙂

    • Dear Robin,
      I really appreciate the positive body- and self-image which you promote in your videos. I totally support this 🙂 I recommend your program to all my friends, exactly because you show us REAL woman with REAL life, who encourage us to love ourselves and set REALISTIC goals.

      And I am also grateful to Heather for expressing so clearly the thing that was nagging me while I was reading all the comments. Let’s not run into the other extreme and stop to think for a moment – why my reaction to a skimpy dressed woman is what it is? do I feel comfortable about it?

      Let’s support ALL of women, so they can wear what they want and do not feel censored in any way.
      And let’s try to propagate this healthy, accepting attitude towards our children, husbands, etc.

      Big hugs to all of you!
      And HUGE KUDOS to Robin for her work!

  47. Deborah Brown 1 year ago

    I feel like I could echo many of the sentiments above. I hadn’t really thought about this before, but when I read this post, I realized it was another one of the reasons I am finding the Sisterhood to be a great fit for me. Your thoughtful and positive attitude is helping me as well as doing the exercises — and I am doing them! Thank you, Robin.

  48. Becca Eliasen 1 year ago

    On a practical note, I appreciate it because I have realized I don’t need to BUY special clothes to do pilates. My budget and minimalist lifestyle are very, very grateful. 😉

  49. Sue Symons 1 year ago

    Just another of the many reasons why we love and respect you Robyn. You always have us and our families best interest in your heart. Thank you.😀

  50. So glad you said all that and I really appreciate it. That’s part of why I love your videos! As a Registered Dietitian who has worked in eating disorders, it’s so important for mom’s to watch what their daughters see and especially what is said. They shouldn’t be hearing that “you should work off that brownie” or whatever food! Great post!

  51. Claire 1 year ago

    I greatly appreciate your positive and modest approach to fitness! Just two days ago I was recommending your site to all my sisters because of your positive, clean language and modest clothes! Thank you soooo much!

  52. Courtney 1 year ago

    Yes!!!! I never realized it until reading these posts, but I’ve done workouts before I wasn’t comfortable with having my husband join me because of how much of the instructors body was showing! It also made me feel very self conscious about my own body! I’ve never even hesitated to have my husband join me to do a TBL workout or to do it in the same room as him – nor have I felt the pressure to compare my body to yours – thank you, thank you, thank you for that freedom!

  53. Natalie 1 year ago

    Yes! Thank you for this Robin! Your videos are so refreshing, uplifting, and encouraging! Way to be a light! 🙂

  54. Carol 1 year ago

    I loved this post. I found your videos through Facebook and was drawn to them. Prior to that Id tried a few other programs which were good and I got a workout, but I’ll be honest I knew my body would never be the other woman’s shape because my bone structure isn’t the same..: and it was discouraging because I’d focus on her looks instead of how I felt when working out.

    I love your balanced approach to all, your down to earth attitude and your honesty. Thank you!

  55. Marta 1 year ago

    Robin, you are a breath of fresh air. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” Prov 31:30. You are to be highly praised for offering a positive, grace-over-guilt alternative to all the sexualized and guilt-inducing videos out there. I have your workout videos blasting in my living room every day. I am thankful my three kids can see and hear your healthy and positive message, with no worries about tiny outfits or negative talk. Thank you, and God bless you, Robin!

    • Charlotte VanderBent 1 year ago

      Thank you Robin! Your post was reassuring as I thought I was just a little too prudish. Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels that way about workout (in public) wear.

    • Author
      Sarah Stoll 1 year ago

      Thank you for your kind words, Marta!

  56. Joy 1 year ago

    Loved this post! Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words in your videos. Your program is the first thing that I have stuck with as far as working out. I’ve always had trouble and gotten fruustrated. But now I’ve stuck with it for 3 months! Only missing a workout when I was sick. And now I can touch my toes! I’m almost 30 and have never been able to. Thank you Robin 🙂

  57. Julie Bergquist 1 year ago

    You offer us freedom! Thank you for all you do, and the intentional way you do it.

  58. Dawn 1 year ago

    Robin, what a wonderful role-model you are…..I wish more women on any media had your class, thoughtfulness and intention, understanding the influence they wield by the image they project and the words they use to any and every one who watches them…..for many unknown number of views to come.
    Much gratitude for your principled life.

  59. Carla 1 year ago

    Dear Robin, you are wise and you are kind. Thank you so much for this.

  60. Ely 1 year ago

    Robin – thank you for writing these things and more importantly, for thinking them. We need more of this kindness and thoughtfulness around, especially when it comes to body image. Thank you <3

  61. Sylvie 1 year ago

    Hi Robin. I have to agree with all the positive feedbacks. I am 60 years old and my body is not as sculpted as it used to be. I have tried other work outs with these super models and it did not feel right, and impossible to keep up with their Ruth. I love you exactly for what you stand for, and this is why you are my go to coach. So proud of you.

  62. Jessica 1 year ago

    Robin, I have been doing your videos on YouTube for almost 3 years and this is one of the first thing that I noticed about you. It sets you apart as a good example of being strong and modest. Not just in what you wear, but in how you act and what you see. Your good example and positive message keeps me coming back to you and recommending you to friends and family over and over again!

  63. Kristin Johnson 1 year ago

    This is sooo good Robin! I never even thought about that, but yes, when I do your videos you represent strength and resilience and persistence in a totally different way than most. Thank you for all the work you do!

  64. Lynn 1 year ago

    Thank you for having the confidence to say this and stand up for what you believe! I didn’t really think about it, but sometimes I do compare myself to the women’s bodies in the videos when I shouldn’t–not seeing too much makes a difference and helps! We as women walk a fine line of wanting to not hide ourselves if we’ve got a great body, but we need to be mindful of what message we’re sending. We think we’re sending an empowerment message when maybe we’re not!

  65. M 1 year ago

    I love this! Thank you!

  66. Nadia 1 year ago

    So i really have to say that i love this about your exercise videos, as with many instructors wearing revealing sports gear.. i always would think to myself … i aint looking like that ! but lets just get the best out of the workout but my movements would be distracted by how toned hers looked in the positions ! With you i feel i concentrate more on the exercises as i know there is more to listen to! Also modesty is a very big part of my family and i have an all boys house while my sons are young (3-2 years) i do know that they will be seeing women dressed in all ways everywhere ..but i do want them to first learn to respect women and for me to control that exposure and i can freely exercise using your videos out in the open and i really appreciate that and makes you very relatable to every women .. and the fact that you are so popular without wearing gear that highlights your body says a lot about your work, dedication and gracefulness …. Grace all the way !

  67. Quinlan Wood 1 year ago

    I love this! You are awesome, Robin! So thoughtful and intentional! Thank you for all you do and the way you do it!

  68. Lindsay Sterchi 1 year ago

    I can honestly say that this approach is one of the reasons I joined The Balanced Life Sisterhood. I love that your focus is on how exercise makes you feel, not how you look, and that comes across in the way you dress and speak. There are other workouts out there that are the complete opposite of that and it’s a huge turn-off. I’ve never been much into working out, and this program has provided just the right structure and consistency that I need. I absolutely love it! Thanks for what you do!

    • Author
      Sarah Stoll 1 year ago

      Thank you for your kind words, Lindsay! We are so grateful to have you as part of the Sisterhood!

  69. Elisabeth Callahan 1 year ago

    You are so awesome Robin, thank you for this post and for your intentionality about these workouts. I have a 3 year old daughter and feel the same way. I want to stop the cycle of negative body image and truthfully, body hate that exists within my family, particularly the women in my family.
    You are appreciated!

  70. Jacquie 1 year ago

    Wow, I love that you are intentional about this as it is one of the main reasons I started doing your workouts. I know that seeing instructors with little clothing on and perfectly toned bodies does not motivate me to get fit, it actually makes me feel worse about myself.
    With two school-aged daughters at home, I never used to do workout videos when they were around because the instructor was either inappropriately dressed or focused too much on how the workout would make you “hot” and “get rid of those love handles” etc.. The constant attention on what is wrong with your body is so discouraging and not something that any girl (young or old!) needs to hear, so discovering your workouts was a breath of fresh air!
    I love doing your workouts with the girls around and sometimes they even join me. It’s nice to hear that you are actually intentional about your clothing and word choices. Thank you for that and please know that it does not go unnoticed!

  71. Henna 1 year ago

    This is what makes you stand out from the rest! I described your videos to my husband: “She has this amazing glow of health and happiness. That’s what I want. Getting beautiful body is a bonus.”Love your videos!

  72. rachel payne 1 year ago

    I can honestly say that this is a lovely post. Since having my little girl I have understand the importance of self love. Robyn you have given me the biggest hand in achieving this. I am and will never be a tiny figure, but I inspire to be strong to show my little girl what women should be.

    This idea leads me to teaching my daughter why food is important and what it does for our bodies e.g. fish makes you brainy and veggies make you big and strong. We don’t have ‘treats’ all food is amazing and has it own part to play in keeping us healthy and strong.

    I constantly have ‘grace over guilt’ in my head- and for that I am so grateful.

  73. Lacey 1 year ago

    Thank you! Your attire and attitude are what made me want to join the Sisterhood after 21 Days of Pilates last March. Because I do have other people around when I am exercising, and I do care about what they see and hear. And what I see and hear from a fitness instructor affects my attitude and outlook as well. What you are doing is rare and much appreciated!

  74. Jelli 1 year ago

    Gosh, I’ve had that exact same situation with my kids (3 and 5) coming in and asking why the instructors aren’t wearing shirts too. Hard to explain away and like you said, it’s uncomfortable feeling like you have to. Thank you for making other mindful mom’s lives easier by dressing modestly. After all, it’s the workout that counts.

  75. cej 1 year ago

    Robin, I “get” that your presentation is a business decision and not at statement of morality or judgement of what other women choose to wear. I think it is smart for a gazillion reasons. Most importantly, it doesn’t distract from what you are doing or why.

    In my opinion, it is one reason your message and work remains focused and effective. You remain, visually, “exercise neutral” and that , in itself, is a savvy, long term business strategy. If you dressed with less on, you would be adding something to the mix that would remind older members of their former days, possibly. Who wants that? You could be competing with your own itinerary for the session by substituting our focus on pulling our naval up towards the ribs with “Wow, look at that six-pack”! You might either provide motivation to be that slim for some or discourage an overweight member who is trying to feel satisfied with small steps towards their goal. That’s an unnecessary chance to take with your membership and reveals that under-dressing is more about you than your membership. Ultimately, you would be taking the focus off the exercise and ourselves and muddling it with an exterior picture, goal or contrast. Just totally distracting and futile on so many fronts. So I get it.

    For me, it’s not about modesty, it’s about focus. And it is challenging enough to focus … I mean really focus … on where my body is in space and how it feels while performing movements based on verbal cues. That’s enough for me. My ability to simplify an focus on my body helps me improve how I do exercises the next time they are repeated. I don’t need anything else to think about. I applaud you!

  76. Pushpa 1 year ago

    I really thought I was old fashioned to think this way.
    I have noticed you always dress intentionally in your videos and its just one of the things I love about you.

  77. Shan'tel 11 months ago

    I really appreciate your views on this and I completely agree! So glad I can do your workouts in front of my kids and not worry. Thank you!

  78. Brooke Meyer 11 months ago

    I love this! As the mom of two little girls (and one boy) I worry a lot about the messages that are so prevalent tying their worth to their looks. I just listened to your podcast in power of mom’s and am so happy I found you! Love your philosophy and can’t wait to try one of your workouts. Thank you for the positive, grace-filled, empowering messages you share! 💛

  79. Erica Voell 9 months ago

    I love this! I love that you don’t call out parts of your body to say you need to have “rock hard” abs, you use words that inspire like “strong” and “healthy.” I’ve never felt so encouraged by a workout and just wanting to be stronger for me, not someone else that I’ll never meet.

  80. Ginal 5 months ago

    Just when I thought I couldn’t like you more! It’s funny, when I started I couldn’t put my finger on why this workout made me feel different. I left feeling encouraged and happy that I was making progress. Typically I would complete a workout and I would be overwhelmed with how far I have to go and questions like, would I even make it to a healthier me?
    You’re great !!! Thank you for what you do!

  81. Tiffany 5 months ago

    This is one of the reasons I was drawn to your workouts and the sisterhood. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  82. nanasteaparty 3 months ago

    I’m so thankful for the stand you take on these issues, Robin! Your intentionality to do it right was one of the reasons I was willing to join The Sisterhood. You are a blessing!!

  83. Tonya Johnson 3 months ago

    I absolutely love your approach and your modesty. So refreshing and encouraging.

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