Do 10-Minute Workouts WORK?


Hi Beauties!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Q&A Wednesday post so today I’m answering one of the most common questions I receive: “Do 10 minute workouts work?”

This is a great question and one that I feel really confident answering. I’ve been coaching women through my online Pilates programs for nearly 5 years and over time my model has shifted to focusing on shorter workouts.

Watch this quick video to hear my take on 10 minute workouts…

4 Reasons Why 10-Minute Workouts Work:

#1: 10 minute workouts are realistic, practical and mentally easy to say “yes” to. We’re much more likely to skip workouts when they feel too “big” in our mind. Knowing you only have to do 10 minutes removes the mental block that often keeps us from working out.

#2: 10 minutes often leads to 20 minutes….or 30 or 40. We all know that getting started is the hardest part. Once you’re down on your mat, and you remember how GOOD exercise feels, there’s a good chance you’ll keep going. The hardest part is getting started. My clients tell me that they often set out to do a 10-minute ab workout from my YouTube channel and end up tagging on an extra leg, booty or arm workout. And if you only do 10 minutes, you’ll still feel accomplished and motivated to do it again the next day.

#3: Research is showing that short workouts can be just as effective, if not MORE effective than longer workouts. This is true for cardio and can be true for Pilates too. 10 minutes of hard work, focusing on form, muscle activation and alignment is worth far more than an hour of sloppy, half-hearted movement.

#4: It’s easier to be consistent. My programs are designed to help you stay consistent and if there’s one thing I’ve found to be true, the shorter the workouts, the more likely you are to stick with them for the long run. No matter how busy you are, how far your day goes off course or how many excuses you come up with, EVERYONE can find 10 minutes per day to care for their body and mind. Doing 10 minutes per day, over a long period of time is more effective than starting a program for a month, falling off the wagon, and then doing nothing until the next “big thing” comes around.

In summary, 10-minute workouts are extremely effective. It’s hard to break free of the old way of thinking but if you struggle with consistency I encourage you to give it a try.



PS – Take the 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge to try daily 10 minute workouts out for yourself!

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  1. Amber 5 years ago

    You convinced me! I’m in! Let’s rock these 30 days together! ?

  2. Jeanne 5 years ago

    I am SO ready to start smiling with you again, after recently moving back to my home state – and unpacking has been my only exhausting “exercise.” Thank you for your positive and happy motivation!!! ??

  3. Melanie Reynolds 5 years ago

    Robin is correct. 10 minute workouts work. I find myself finishing the 10 minute workout and feeling good and then completing two additional workouts. Getting started is the hardest thing but once you start you feel great! Thank you Robin for helping me be consistent in my workouts. Thank you for being real and understanding that all of us have a lot of responsibilities that we are juggling. You have a great attitude and are an inspiration!

  4. Debbie Borthwick 5 years ago

    Great video and post, Robin. I’ve been doing another challenge and part way through joined up for your 30 day challenge, then joined the Sisterhood. I find I don’t always get in the 10 minute workout because I’m doing an hour with the other challenge, but when that one’s over, I’m looking forward to doing the 10 minute and Sisterhood every day. I agree with you, I find once I’m on the mat or treadmill, it’s so easy to keep going…I sometimes have to force myself to stop and go shower. 🙂

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