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I’m happy to share that The Balanced Life readership has grown quite a bit over the past few months.

So if you are new to this community, welcome!

I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want this site to go….what I love about it, what I want to change, and how I can serve you and The Balanced Life community best.

I’ve been writing here and building this community for 3+ years and I’m just as passionate about it today as I was back then. Actually, more.

Between The Pilates Body ProgramBalanced Beginnings and The Sisterhood we have such an AMAZING group of women connected to this site and I’d love to see us all come forward more to share, connect and do navigate together in this space.

Today I’m feeling inspired to remind myself, and you, what this little space on the internet is all about…

This space is about seeking balance. And acknowledging that balance looks different to everyone and in every season of life.

Balance is not about giving equal weight to all things but rather matching the way we spend our time with our values.

This space is about choosing life. A vibrant life. One that is intentional, healthy and FULL.

This space is about grace, not guilt.

It’s about ignoring the same old lies that the media feeds us about losing weight, being a size 2 and looking bikini-ready all year round.

Instead, we choose to love our bodies and live our lives.

We say yes to cake when the cake is worth it. We say no to junk, not because we HAVE to but because we know that our bodies deserve better and we are our best when we are well nourished.

We share our stories because there is power in vulnerability.

We desire to grow. To be better friends, better mothers, better wives and better selves. Not because we aren’t good enough as we are, but because we acknowledge that we are a work in progress and sometimes we slip up.

We exercise for the way it makes us feel, not for a number on the scale.

Sometimes, we exercise even when we don’t feel like it, because we know it leads to a a better version of ourselves.

We move our bodies so that we can enjoy the outdoors, play with our children, keep up with our friends and age comfortably.

And after all that, we again come back to grace.

Because we need it every day. Because we will mess up, we will go off course but we will not stop seeking a life that is healthy, balanced, honest and FULL.

We are beauties. Blemishes and all. We are beauties because we choose to appreciate our assets and accept our weaknesses.

We are beauties because we are saying NO to the lies and YES to the truth.

So if you’re new here, welcome. If you have been here awhile, I’m so glad you’re still here.

YOU are a beauty.

And I’m honored to have you as a part of this community.

In health,


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  1. Devon 7 years ago

    such a great post, Robin!

  2. Sam 7 years ago

    As a newbie to the site, I am so blessed to have found encouragement that beauty and self-worth is not related to size.

  3. Allison 7 years ago

    I’m late responding to this, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for this post! It captures the journey I’ve been on and the message I hope to inspire other women with in my work in nutrition down the road. So thank you for so beautifully articulating this message of balance.

  4. Christie 7 years ago

    So well-said! I love how the importance of each one’s individuality and the sense of process just shine through!

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  6. Kirsty Kendall 6 years ago

    Hi Robin!
    Just reading from your site has lifted a weight and grown my heart. It is like you have heard my inner wanting about how i want my life to be and addressed each one! Honestly, thank you! I have been practising Pilates on and off for years and am so happy to have found you and your way of thinking.
    Love Kirsty x

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