The Pilates Body Program: before & after photos

I’m so honored to share Lauren’s story with you today! I loved coaching Lauren through The Pilates Body Program because she was committed, honest and thoughtful about the process throughout the entire 6 weeks.  She joined the program to help her get back into a healthy eating & exercising routine. She is healthy and active but was just in need of boost to get back to feeling more confident, slim and strong. Her before & after shots are AMAZINGLY inspiring, especially considering she looked great to begin with and didn’t have that much to lose (and remember, the program is only 6 weeks long)!

Her motivation was to care for her health and that motivation changed her body from the inside out. That’s what this program is all about. One of my favorite things about Lauren’s experience is that her husband jumped on board too. He supported her & worked out with her every step of the way and is now 16 lbs lighter himself!

the pilates body program

Lauren’s story…

Prior to doing the PBP I had a hard time keeping to a regular exercise routine. I always felt too tired to go work out before or after work, and often made excuses. I also had a hard time getting motivated to leave the house to exercise.

Also, prior to the program I had a lot of cravings, and ate a lot of sweets. I had a REALLY hard time saying no to anything sweet. It was really helpful during the program to have more accountability for what I chose to eat. Over the course of the six weeks my cravings decreased a lot, and I now find that my cravings for sweets can be satisfied by a very small sweet thing (ex. a small piece of dark chocolate). Over the course of the 6 weeks I had a lot more energy throughout the day and it even felt easier to get up in the morning.


One of my favorite benefits of the program is that I feel a lot more confident in how I look now, and fit much more comfortably in my clothes.

As a result of the PBP I feel a lot more flexible, and find myself craving Pilates when my body feels tired or stiff. I used to have a lot of back pain, and have found this has decreased since doing Robin’s Pilates workouts. Cutting excess carbs and dairy from my diet has also found me feeling less heavy and gassy on a daily basis.  The PBP kept me accountable to exercising four times a week, and I REALLY enjoyed being able to exercise at home.


I liked how Robin allows her clients to choose the level of communication with her throughout the program. While she was supportive and encouraging, she was not too pushy and never made me feel guilty. She is incredibly positive, and her passion for Pilates and health is contagious. I love the joyful attitude she has toward supporting people in making healthy choices.

I also loved how Robin carefully talks you through each Pilates exercise in the videos.  It makes it feel like you are there with her taking a class.  This was especially helpful being relatively new to Pilates. She also provides helpful modifications for most exercises.

I think this program does an excellent job of pairing a sustainable nutrition plan with a reasonable exercise plan. While I certainly had to make changes to my daily routines while on the PBP, the program was not so intensive as to totally disrupt my life. I also enjoyed the flexibility of the program (choose which days to exercise, interchangeable meals, etc.)

If you’re considering joining this program you should know that the PBP provides a realistic and balanced exercise and nutrition plan that is sustainable beyond the six weeks of the program. I love that I can continue to use the Pilates videos since they’re mine to own, and that I have a ton of great recipes to continue working into my diet. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone and everyone!

I would strongly encourage those interested in doing the Pilates Body Program to find a friend, roommate, family member, or partner/spouse to do it with.  My husband did the program with me, and I think I was much more successful with it because I had someone to support me.  We helped keep each other accountable to the meal plan, and it was fun to have someone to do the Pilates videos with 🙂

Thank you, Robin, for creating this program!!”

The Pilates Body Program will be starting up again on March 16th, 2014!

Registration will open to the public on Friday, February 28th. If you’d like to get on the priority wait list (and receive the subscriber bonus) sign up below and keep your eyes peeled for an email soon.

Note to my lovely readers: these are Lauren’s real photos and her real story. They have not been re-touched, edited or photo-shopped in any way (did you know almost ALL sites do that with before & after photos?) Please be kind as she is a fellow reader just like you. I think she looks absolutely fantastic but am even more thrilled about the way she feels in her skin. If you feel motivated or inspired by her story, please by all means, comment and show her some support!

 CLICK HERE to see more before & after photos of The Pilates Body Program.

  1. Tara 8 years ago

    Wow, great job Lauren!! Your photos are super motivating. I feel like I need the same kind of kick to get me started. I subscribed the list. Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

  2. Lindee 8 years ago

    whoa that’s good for just six weeks! nice work, lauren. I am inspired=)

  3. Catherine 8 years ago

    You look amazing. I bet you feel amazing too:)

  4. Meg 8 years ago

    Incredible! Well done Lauren 🙂

  5. Jenni 8 years ago

    wow! she looks SO good! and so strong!! pilates is so cool.

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