The Best Protein Bars

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Happy Friday lovelies!

Welcome to happy hour! Today we’re talking bars…no, not drinking bars (although that would be fitting). We’re talking protein bars.

I was re-stocking by home studio yesterday and was overwhelmed by the amount of bar options there are! It can be hard to navigate which ones are healthy & delicious and which ones are essentially candy bars wrapped up as health food.

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{Fiji & Lara…only the best for my clients :-)}

So, today’s happy hour question: what’s your FAVORITE brand/flavor of protein bars?

Pour yourself a drink and let’s chat in the comments!

PS- I recently discovered YouBars.Com. Did you know you can build your own bars from scratch and have them delivered to your house? A little spendy but it could be worth it 🙂

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  1. Cassy 8 years ago

    My favorite are Luna Bars. I think they taste the best and are a good amount of calories for a snack – around 180 I think. Favorite flavors: Nuts Over Chocolate and Smores. I love Lara Bars too!

  2. Genevieve 8 years ago

    Have you ever tried Detour Bars? They’re super high and protein and taste like a candy bar! Good for those times you need something substantial before or after a workout.

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