The Best Foam Rollers + Where to Buy Them

What is the best foam roller?

Where do I buy a foam roller?

What size should I buy?

These are common questions I receive and I want to help you find the best foam roller! Foam rollers have amazing benefits and are a great addition to your Pilates routine.

A few benefits of foam rolling:

  • improved circulation
  • increased flexibility
  • reduced muscle tension
  • reduced chance of injury
  • quicker post-workout recovery
  • improved range of motion
The Best Foam Rollers and where to buy them // The Balanced Life

I always recommend the 36″ length foam roller – this is what I use in all my foam roller workouts and it’s the best way to get the most out of your foam roller exercises.

And without further ado, my favorite foam rollers are listed below:

Foam Rollers for Pilates Workouts // The Balanced Life

You can also visit your local sporting goods store or Target to see what options they have in store – just make sure it’s supportive enough (you don’t want it too soft) and that it is 36″ long and about 6″ wide.

I hope this helps you find the best foam roller so you can enjoy the great stretches and exercises that come with it!


PS – Looking for foam roller exercises? Check out my previous blog posts for some stretches and exercises: Foam Roller for Tight Muscles // Foam Roller for Shoulder Tension // Foam Roller for Sitting at a Computer

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  1. Mary Katherine 2 years ago

    OK, my roller is on its way! Looking forward to working out with it!

  2. Sandy Mauro 2 years ago

    You should check out the foam rollers from The Melt Method … this is my favorite and I have many rollers! It’s a little softer and cushier and great first thing in the morning to stretch with as soon as you wake up …. here’s the link!

    • Charlotte VanderBent 2 years ago

      Thank you for the recommendation. Mine is a little hard.

  3. Karen 2 years ago

    I do foam rolling every day when I get out of bed and during the course of my day.. I work from home and I am in front of a computer. It releases tension and feels oh so good.


  4. deborah Price 2 years ago

    I love you and foam rollers! Deborah here from the land od building a wellness website in Texas. Neck and shoulder pain are my hijackers of focus some days. thank you for your email and all the great ideas and workouts .
    Could not function without you both almost daily
    Huggs and thoracic postural stretches

  5. Diana E. Perkel 6 months ago

    When I bought my 0PTP soft foam roller the 36 inch I never thought I would be so happy with something so simple and I’m so skinny I really needed some thing that would accommodate my bony butt. I love it so much I joke that I wanna marry it 🙂

    I I have vestibular migraines and my PT sent me silly foam roller routines that were not a flow like your Pilates and I just love your foam roller routines are a staple in my Balanced life sisterhood diet and I really appreciate all you offer Robin & Sisters 👯‍♀️

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