The Balanced Life Run Club!


I am so excited to kick this off today!

A lot of you have expressed interest in joining an online run club to help us all stay motivated and committed to our workouts.

If you’re like me, even if you have every intention to run during the week, life gets busy and runs get put off far too often!

So, to help us all reach our goals I’m launching the Balanced Life Run Club.

Don’t be intimidated. There aren’t any big rules or requirements to be in a run club. All you have to do is commit to trying your best, sharing your ups and downs and cheering others on.

half-marathon training plan

What to expect from the Balanced Life Run Club:


  • Anyone can join! I personally am training for a half-marathon but this club is open to anyone, whether you’re just running for fun every once and awhile or you’re training for a race.


Weekly training emails containing:

  • training tips
  • post-run recovery snack ideas
  • recipes to fuel your workouts
  • Pilates exercises for runners
  • Pilates stretches to help prevent injuries
  • motivational quotes and stories
  • cross training ideas
  • strategic running workouts for when you’re short on time
  • and more!

Access to a members only Facebook page for daily inspiration and support.

  • Here we’ll all share our ups & downs and cheer each other on…especially helpful for those days when we’d rather just lay on the couch. We’ll all support one another as we work toward our goals and share training tips along the way.


  •  The Balanced Life Run Club will kick off on Monday and run through the end of October (or longer if we all decide to keep it going!)


  • Worldwide! That’s the beauty of the internet. We may not all have friends that we can train with in-person on a daily basis so this will be that place that we can turn to for support, encouragement and advice.


  • Because how many times have you said “I’ll start tomorrow” and tomorrow hasn’t happened? And because we all do better when we publicly commit to a goal. And it’s time. Seriously, no more excuses. And let’s make it fun while we’re at it!


I’ve decided to keep this as affordable as possible because I REALLY want you to join me.

You’ll have access to all that’s listed above and 3 months of constant motivation & support for just



Why $27.00? Because that’s just enough to help me cover the cost of running an online program…

and more importantly…I think it’s important to have  a little skin the game.

If you commit with a little bit of cash you’re MUCH more likely to stick with it and get the most out of the club. Come on, how many free workouts have you pinned on Pinterest that you actually use? I know, I’m guilty too.

BONUS: I’ll even provide free one-on-one training plan strategizing and customization if that’s something you need 🙂

So let’s do this.

The first email will be going out on Monday.

I can’t wait to train with you!

Money Back Guarantee

I always offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you join the club and decide during the first week that it’s not right for you, I will refund your membership in full, no questions asked.

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  1. Megan Cooper 8 years ago

    WAHOO! Can’t wait for it to start!! I need some encouragement, motivation, accountability, and new tips to keep my running life healthy!

    Thanks for providing such a great program TBL!

  2. Robin Long 8 years ago

    Excited to have you as a part of it Megan! 🙂

  3. Caffeine and Exercise 7 years ago

    […] fall I hosted The Balanced Life Run Club and people were very curious about whether or not you should drink coffee before […]

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