The 5pm Balancing Act

post-work balance


More often than not, when 5:00pm rolls around we’re faced with 3 choices:

1. collapse on the couch
2. meet up with friends for happy hour
3. squeeze in some exercise

After a long day at the office, this can be a ridiculously difficult decision to make.

For many of us, that 1 hour window after work is the ONLY hour we have for ourselves. It’s post-work and pre-dinner. It’s fleeting and it’s valuable!

It can be SO hard to say no to happy hour with the girls for the sake of exercise, but sometimes it’s the right decision to make. For me, running is cathartic and there are days where I just know I need to get outside and induce some endorphins. Other days, even when I have exercise planned, I’ll happily throw my plan out the window at the mention of a margarita. But how do we know when we’re making the best decision?

Again, it all comes back to balance.

Does one of these options dominate your 5:00 hour? Do you constantly make time for friends but never make time for exercise? Or perhaps you hold tightly to your downtime and forget how valuable social time with the girls can be…

The truth is, what we need differs from day-to-day. It’s important to tune in to what your mind and body need and make your choice accordingly.

Knowing that you’re making an intelligent decision for YOU on THAT particular day will free you up to enjoy your 5:00 hour without the guilty feeling that you should be doing something else (ahh, yes, one more way to step away from the guilt, hallelujah).

Listen to your body. Make smart choices. And enjoy the freedom that comes from living in balance.

Question: What competes for your time during your post-work hour?


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