TBL Run Club!

Friends, I have a confession to make.

I can hardly remember the last time I went for a run. Seriously. I think it was a few weeks ago, but before that there was a dry spell too. I just haven’t been in the mood but the crisp Fall air is starting to call my name. Fall is my favorite season for running. Fresh air, cool mornings, colorful trees and leaves crunching under my feet. I’m motivated to get back out there, but I don’t want to do it alone. I’d love for you to join me.


Last year I hosted The Balanced Life Run Club as I was preparing to run my first half-marathon post-baby. And it was so much fun. I’m not training for a race this year (yet) but I just want to get back into a regular routine and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, everything is better when done in community with others.

So I’m excited to announce the 2014 return of The Balanced Life Run Club! 

online run club

Here are the details…


You + me + the encouraging, supportive community of Balanced Life beauties.

Runners, walkers….all levels welcome! Whether you run once a month or once a day, this group is for you.


An online run club designed to keep you motivated and active during the Fall season. A place for us to find community that is supportive, encouraging and uplifting as we try to find balance on our paths to health and fitness.

The Run Club will include weekly emails with:

  • training tips
  • workout ideas
  • pre/post run snack and meal options
  • Pilates exercises for runners
  • Pilates stretches to prevent injury
  • cross training ideas
  • and more!

Access to a private Run Club Facebook group:

This group will be a place for us to cheer each other on, celebrate ups and downs, share ideas, seek accountability and most importantly a place for us to find motivation when we’d rather stay on the couch and skip our workouts. 🙂


run club


The group will kick off on Monday, October 6th and run through the end of November (8 weeks total).


The Run Club will take place via email and through the private Facebook group.


Because we’re all busy and could all use a little extra motivation to get out there and run, especially as the busy Fall season takes over.

Because when there is accountability involved, we’re much more likely to succeed.

Because let’s be honest, sometimes going for a run sounds like a drag and it’s much more fun when you’re doing it in community with others!

Since the program will take time and resources on my end there will be a small fee of just $27. I really crunched the numbers to keep it affordable and accessible for you.

Why $27?

Because that’s just enough to cover the cost of running an online program and I a firm believer of having ‘skin in the game.’ Trust me, I run free and paid programs throughout the year and when you invest a little bit of money into something you are FAR more likely to succeed because you’ll want to get your money’s worth. I see it all the time.

In addition 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Girls On The Run, a nonprofit that inspires young girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Click here to read more.

Getting back into your running routine AND supporting a good cause? It’s a win-win.



I’m so excited for this and really hope you’ll join me. It’s going to be fun!

Questions? Talk to me in the comments. 🙂



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  1. Brooke 7 years ago

    I’m soooo with you on being more motivated to run in the fall! Although we haven’t quite reached fall temps here yet, we have dipped into the 80’s, which is a vast improvement on the 100’s ;). I’ve just started running again, slower pace and lower mileage, as a way to de-stress and compliment the PBP with a little cardio. I’m in!!

  2. Reagan 7 years ago

    I love this idea! This summer I started running routinely, but after only a couple of weeks I felt pain in my knees/ankles. Due to the discomfort, I started logging my miles on the elliptical instead. I was wondering if this program would still be applicable if I were training on the elliptical rather than running?

  3. Shannon 7 years ago

    I’m coming back from some injuries and just started running again last week. I’m actually starting back using couch to 5k to try to ease myself back in without re-injurying my foot. I think this is just what I need to keep me going. I’ve tried to do group runs, but because of my injury I need to take it slow, and I inflamed my foot trying to keep up with that group.

    $27 is a small investment for health and wellness 🙂

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Hi Shannon – this is great! It’s good to ease back in. 🙂

  4. Jennifer 7 years ago

    I’m in. I seem to need a little push, and this sounds great. I’m not a runner, but will be on board with my morning walks!

  5. Capri 7 years ago

    Could I swim instead sometimes? I find that’s a nice change of cardio sometimes 🙂

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Yes! Of course! The group will be very free flowing – you can make it work for you in whichever way you see fit. We’ll all be working toward our own goals. 🙂

  6. Sandra Fain 7 years ago

    Postpartum? Yes, about 40 years ago. Post nephrectomy and a L7 and L8 which gives me problems but they cannot find the problem. So, since I am in Montana and snow any time soon, and because of the above, could I walk, jog on my treadmill and be part of your group?

  7. Marcie M. 7 years ago

    This is exactly what I need right now however I don’t have a Facebook account (shocking I know). Would I still have access to the private Facebook page? Or how would that work?

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Hi Marcie! Unfortunately you have to have a Facebook account to access the Facebook group. So you could do 1 of 2 things: 1. join and just enjoy the weekly emails for encouragement and motivation. 2. create an anonymous Facebook account (or a real one) for the duration of the program in order to participate and then close it when the program ends. I’d love to have you!!

  8. Kim Koturo 7 years ago

    I’m in! I really need some motivation and accountability! Looking forward to this!

  9. Ella 7 years ago

    I would love to join but i am from Perth, Australia and we are the complete opposite seasons over here, we have are just starting to come into Spring. I dont see this being much of an issue as i too need a push but just wanted to make sure that is ok before i sign up 🙂

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Hi Ella, yes, definitely join us! We will just be jealous of your warm weather as we are bundling up to stay warm. 🙂

  10. Pam 7 years ago

    So I know this is unheard of however I am not on facebook. Is it necessary? I have done your free pilates programs with upgrade in the past.

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Hi Pam!
      It’s totally up to you. If you sign up you’ll still receive weekly emails with tips and motivation from me. But you will obviously miss out on the “club” part that will take place in the Facebook group. Unless you want to make an account and then delete it when the 8 weeks are up. 🙂 I’d love to have you – I just want to make sure you know that the club is two components – weekly emails from me + the community of runners in the Facebook group.
      If you have other questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  11. Yasmine 7 years ago

    I’d like to join you. Have you an example of training than I can read before? I’m out of shape since my 2d pregnancy in february. I was looking for C25k, but I like your project.
    I’m in France.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Hi Yasmine!
      There is not a specific training plan associated with the group. The group is simply a place to find community as you work toward your own personal goals. I will be sharing some training plans for 5ks and half-marathons for those who are interested. But the group is free-form! You can choose to run as much or as little as you like. 🙂

  12. LaurenC_ 7 years ago

    YAY! Thank you for doing this! Can’t wait!

  13. Megan 7 years ago

    I’m in! So excited 😀

  14. Lisa M 7 years ago

    I’m excited to have an online community to share our struggles and successes. Hoping to set a PR on my next 5K on 11/8. I want to join a local run club, but it always conflicts with my son’s sports. This is the perfect solution. Thank you, Robin!

  15. Tina M 7 years ago

    Appreciate this invite. I just turned 67 in August, and this program would fit in nicely with my goal of going back to fitness. I surely need the support. I’ve been walking 2-miles every morning to date since 2011 and would like to ante-up the game to a jog/run without hurting myself. So, any tips and advice on exercise to strengthen legs, core muscles, and prevent injuries would be most welcome. Yes, I’ll join you. Thank You.

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Wonderful, glad you’ll be joining Tina. 🙂

  16. Erin 7 years ago

    Robin, I don’t have Facebook! How much will I miss out on not having this component of your program?


    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Hi Erin – there are 2 components of the group: weekly emails from me and then the community support and interaction in the Facebook group. So without being on Facebook you’ll still receive the emails with tips, ideas and exercises. 🙂 Still motivating to get you out there to run!

  17. Joy 7 years ago

    Robin, I signed up with my husband email bc that is how our PayPal is setup. Will this be an issue with the Facebook group? Is there a way to change the email so I can receive the emails instead of him having to forwRd to me?

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Hi Joy! Can you send me an email so I can add your name to the account? It won’t be a problem at all for the Facebook group. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  18. Inga 7 years ago

    The weather is finally bearable in south Louisiana and it’s a perfect time to get back in the routine of running! Thanks for doing this! 🙂

  19. Jodie 7 years ago

    Looking forward to this. Will u be sending info tomorrow to get into the Facebook group?:)

  20. Anya 7 years ago

    As someone who ran her first 10k a year ago this weekend, but really fell off the running wagon in the last 6-8 months, I’m so excited to start this tomorrow and work to get back to running consistently again.

  21. Joy 7 years ago

    I haven’t gotten an email yet, do you know when you will be sending them out? I sent you an email updating you with my name and email since I paid from my husband paypal account, did you receive it?

    • Robin 7 years ago

      Hi Joy! Since you signed up with your husband’s account, it went to his email. I just got your email with the updated info and made the change. So he should be able to forward it to you. 🙂 If he can’t let me know and I will re-send it. xo

  22. LaurenC_ 7 years ago

    Hey Robin, I haven’t received an email yet for the run club.

    • Author
      Robin 7 years ago

      Hi Lauren!
      Check you spam folder. If you don’t see it there then send me an email [email protected] and I will send it again! xo

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  24. Charit 7 years ago

    Just signed up and I’m really excited about having some accountability! It’s so much harder for me to run in the fall vs the spring and summer.

  25. Sarah 7 years ago

    I missed the Monday start date! Is it too late to join?

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Not too late at all! You’ll be receiving the 1st email shortly. Welcome to the club! 🙂

  26. Kristie 7 years ago

    Yep I’m behind…but ready 🙂

  27. […] week has been busy with Week 5 of The Pilates Body Program and the launch of The Balanced Life Run Club so today, I need a brain break. I’m going to tidy up around the house, make dinner for […]

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