TBL Favorites: May 2020

Hi Beauties!

It’s been a while, but the monthly teaser is BACK and arrived in your inbox first thing this morning with a fresh new look + round up of all our faves over the past few months! (If you’re not signed up for our monthly roundup, you can sign up here.)

We have so much fun compiling our favorite things each month and sharing them with you! We hope you find something fun, a new book, or a delicious recipe to try as we start a brand new month.

Currently Listening to:

“I get asked about weight loss often, but the answer is rarely as straight forward as we’ve been told over the years. This podcast was really insightful: Why Eating Less and Exercising More is a Recipe for Weight Gain with Dr. Elizabeth Boham” – Robin

“I’m loving the That Sounds Fun with Annie F Downs Podcast – she’s been doing a daily quarantine series where she and a friend talk about life that day, how they’re feeling and other random things. I look forward to it each day!” – Jaclyn

“The team got together for a fun bonus podcast episode recently, sharing how we all work from home – our tips and things we don’t do. It was a fun conversation, have a listen here!” – Jordin

“I found this episode of The Rise Podcast with Gretchen Rubin about choosing joy even in this current season to be very encouraging and full of great practical tips.” – Susan 

We also just created a TBL spotify account. Come follow along for our current faves we have on repeat and see some of our favorite playlists that we love to listen to throughout the work day. 🎧

Currently Reading:

“I’ve been reading “Stillness is the Key” by Ryan Holiday. It seemed like the perfect time to start a book about the importance of slowing down and being present.”  – Robin

“After years of wanting to, I finally joined the Book of the Month club…and first up in my stack is “Valentine” by Elizabeth Wetmore and “The Guest List” by Lucy Foley.” – Martha

“I just read “We Came Here to Forget by Andrea Dunlop. It was a great book with some wonderful characters that I missed when it was over.” – Jordin

“I recently finished John Mark Comer’s book, “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.” It opened my eyes to so many ways I can shift my mindset  and schedule to enjoy the present more.”  – Susan


“I’m living in this cozy PJ set from Target – the shirt doesn’t even look like PJ’s if you’re on a zoom call!”  – Robin

“I basically have a new wardrobe during these quarantine months and on top is almost always my TBL Deep Breaths + Pilates sweatshirt.” – Martha

“I’ve been wearing these slippers non-stop since I’ve been home so much! Keep my feet cozy but have a decent sole so still getting some support for my feet!” – Jaclyn

“All of my purchases have been, “for summer!” 🙂 I’m loving these comfy reef flip flops + adorable new earrings – perfect for when things settle down and I can go on a beach vacation!” – Jordin


“I’ve been loving this skin serum + miracle mist from Lumion. And you can use THEBALANCEDLIFE at checkout for 15% off!” – Robin

“Taking a bath is my favorite way to unwind and I’ve been loving this coconut milk bath soak. I love sipping on this hot tea in the evening as well – both of these products help me relax and sleep well.” – Jordin

“I’m still loving the quick workouts from the Pilates Strength + Stress Relief challenge we ran in March! It’s been re-released if anyone wants to give them a try – and they are free!” – Becky

In the Kitchen:

“We’ve added “cooking class” into our home school routine. And by that, I’m teaching the kids to do basic skills such as toasting bread, making sandwiches, slicing bananas, spreading peanut butter, etc. I surprised them with these kids knives to get them excited about the new responsibility. My goal is to have the older two making their own breakfasts and lunches by the time time they’re back in school!” – Robin

“These pickled red onions are upping our salad and sandwich game when we are trying to add some extra flavors to our meals at home.” – Becky 

“My sister shared this recipe with me and I’m so glad she did – I’ve been making Bri McKoy’s Sticky Honey Chicken once a week for at least a month!” – Martha

“Like most people, I am trying to get creative in the kitchen to use what I have on hand and keep leftovers for easy access! We’re loving this baked spaghetti recipe, and this lentil chili + gluten free cornbread.” – Elisabeth

“I love following the Natural Nurturer right now. She has great tips for helping your kids try + enjoy new recipes. She’s also sharing how she’s adapting recipes in this time to work for her family based on what they have on hand.” – Jaclyn

Did you find anything new from our monthly favorites? Let us know in the comments! We would also love to hear what you are currently loving during this crazy season. It’s so much fun to share good things!


Robin + The Balanced Life Team

  1. cecgutz 10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 I have been missing the TBL Favorites!

  2. Ginny Smith 10 months ago

    I’m so excited for the Spotify and the sticky honey chicken recipe!! Thanks for sharing!! I’ve missed these updates. Glad to hear from you again!!

  3. leslie 10 months ago

    So excited the TBL faves are back. I missed them. Will be trying sticky honey chicken, lentil chili and GF corn muffins in the coming weeks!!

  4. Teddi Lamons 10 months ago

    It is so fun to read all of these! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m currently listening to TBL Tunes…it’s the perfect playlist. 🙂

  5. Marci 10 months ago

    So happy the TBL favorites are back! I always find something new to try. So fun!

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