{Slim & Strong in Six} WEEK 2 WORKOUT

Hi SSS ladies!

Sorry, but this is an old link. 🙂

Check your inbox for the NEW link to the 2013 SSS video.

Thank you!


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  1. Sandy 8 years ago

    I am already so excited to do this workout. I can’t wait for work to let me out . . .!

  2. catherine 8 years ago

    i appreciate your words on avoiding the “all or nothing” mentality–i only did the video once last week. but it’s a new week! here’s to trying for 2 or more….:)

  3. Kelly Heinz 8 years ago

    Nice Robin! That workout killed my arms and I’m fairly certain they will be completely useless tomorrow! 🙂

    • Robin Long 8 years ago

      Thanks, Kelly! Hope you’re feeling good toward the end of week 2. I love the feedback 🙂

  4. linsiloo 8 years ago

    i really loved/hated the tricep dips…. in your words “they hurt so good” – especially the next day (granny wings begone!)

    • Robin Long 8 years ago

      Granny wings, I love it! Yes, tricep dips will do the trick. Keep it up girl.

  5. Courtney 8 years ago

    Hey Robin, I love these work outs, I’m already starting to feel stronger. I saw Maggie’s posting of your videos, and I’m glad that you started making these available. If you have have recordings of these for sale after all six weeks are done, I would definitely purchase them.

    • Robin Long 8 years ago

      Hi Courtney, thank you so much for the feedback. I’m thrilled to hear that you’re feeling stronger already! I’ll definitely keep you posted on how you can find the videos post-Christmas. I genuinely appreciate your support and am anxious to hear how you feel after a few more weeks 🙂

  6. Becca 8 years ago

    This was an awesome workout!! Thanks, Robin! I’ve already noticed a difference in my posture and that pesky post-baby belly.

    • Robin Long 8 years ago

      Thans Becca, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Good for you for taking care of yourself with a little one in the house, I’m sure that is quite a challenge. Keep it up and let me know if you have any questions along the way 🙂

  7. Samantha 6 years ago

    I’m so glad I’m doing these workouts. The first week was great! It’s been the perfect solution to stay in shape over this busy time of the year.

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