Slim & Strong in Six *FLASH SALE*

Slim & Strong in Six

*Flash Sale*!

As many of you know, every holiday season I run an online Pilates program called Slim & Strong in Six. The program consists of 6 40 minutes Pilates workouts that focus on full body strength along with special focus themes to target specific body parts and areas of desired toning.I’ve heard from many of you throughout the past 6 months asking if I would consider selling the Slim & Strong in Six workouts. And the answer is yes. In honor of the “summer season” I’ve decided to hold a 48 hour flash sale! Subscribers were notified on Thursday which means there are just a few hours left to purchase.

All 6 Pilates workouts will be available to purchase for just $47.00 between now and 12:00 pm MST!

The package includes the following 40 minute workouts:

Full Body Basics
Full Body + Arms
Full Body + Legs
Full Body + Extra Abs
Full Body + Back
Full Body + Glutes

Questions? Simply post a comment and we’ll chat ๐Ÿ™‚

And for those of you who are pregnant or hoping to be soon, don’t forget that Balanced Beginnings is always available for purchase. However, if you join before the end of the month you’ll also receive 3 free bonuses + and additional $20.00 off.

CLICK HERE to read more.

Ready to finally stay consistent with exercise โ€“ even when youโ€™re short on time & energy? Join me for the FREE Creating Healthy Routines Workshop & walk away with an exercise routine you can put into action immediately!

  1. NIcole 7 years ago

    Oh,is it too late to purchase the workouts? I just found this site.


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