September Favorites

I can hardly believe we’ve reached the end of September. It’s one of my favorite months for a variety of reasons. But we’ve been having a heat wave in Colorado, and though I’m not complaining, I’m looking forward to the cool, crisp days of October and the holidays creeping into sight.

Inspired by my friends Becca and Michelle, I’ve decided to start a series of monthly favorites. Each month I’ll share some things that I’ve been loving and that have been working in our home because I think it’s always fun to have a peek into how other people do daily life.

september favorites

So here are some things I’ve been loving this month:

1. It’s All Good

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to share about this cookbook but it’s my all time favorite. I have yet to find another cookbook that falls more in line with my beliefs and style of eating. I love that the recipes, are simple, nourishing and made of whole, natural ingredients. I highly recommend it. (and for those of you who have gone through The PBP, it’s a great way to expand your meal plan).

2. Nektar Juice Bar

They make delicious juice without adding anything extra to sweeten it up. A few of the bottled options use agave, which I don’t love, but the fresh, in-store juices are to-die-for. If you have one near you, it’s worth a visit.

3. Trader Joe’s Steamed Lentils

These are brilliant to have on hand. I throw them in soups, toss them in salads, add them to pasta sauce and feed them to my daughter. They’re steamed and ready to eat which saves time and makes healthy, plant-based protein easily accessible.

4. Re-usuable Hop Bag

I’m so glad I “splurged” for this reusable bag. I use it all the time; for straining cold-brew iced coffee, for making my own nut milk and for straining green juice when I make it in the blender. It’s easy to clean and worth every penny.

5. Kidz Superfoods

My daughter is not a big fan of eating. Getting her to eat is a constant struggle. So our pediatrician recommended these kids superfood powders to help her meet her nutritional needs. I love that they’re nearly sugar-free (so much better than chocolate milk) and blend easily. We’ve tried berry (known as “juice” in hour house) and chocolate and I’d recommend them both.

Have a great Wednesday beauties!



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  1. Becca 6 years ago

    Love these! And thank you so much for the shout out. 🙂

    I’ve got the Superfood powder in my Amazon cart right now because London would like to live on carbs alone. 🙂

  2. jennifer M 6 years ago

    We went to Nektar over the weekend. LOVE it!!! Wish there was one close to me. Even my husband liked it!!!

  3. Jennifer 6 years ago

    The steamed lentils from TJ’s are seriously the best thing ever, also LOVE the berry banana acai bowl from Nektar!

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