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Laken Nix is a delightful woman that I’ve had the honor of connecting with through the online world. She has a gorgeous blog that’s filled with her writing and glimpses of her life as a newlywed in the deep south. I love the way she describes her blog:

“I like that this space is purposefully unspecific. I want to document everything, all of the comings and goings of life. And I’m sure those will change over time, as we all do. But mostly, I want this to remain a space to talk about the little things in life because often, they turn out to be the big things.”

You know I’m a big proponent of eating whole, seasonal, local foods whenever possible and I’m also a huge fan of meal planning so when Laken posted a this project, I just had to share.

Laken Nix

“For a while now, I’ve been looking for the perfect meal planner. And for a while now, I’ve come up short. I’ve used notecards, I’ve used a dry-erase calendar on the fridge, I’ve used iCalendars and online planners and Evernote. While all of them served their purpose, I never truly stuck with any of them.

I’m a pen and paper kind of girl. And I like that paper to be pretty and to have a clean design with plenty of space to write. I like something solid and well-crafted, something I can hold in my hands as I sit down on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a stack of cookbooks.

So I decided to create what I needed. While I was at it, I wanted to incorporate one of my other biggest loves and fascinations: the seasons and all the wonderful foods that come with each.”

I’m the same way. Pen & paper are my thing and beautiful, crisp design gets me every time.

Laken designed these beautiful seasonal meal planners that she’s selling in her Etsy Shop for just $10 each, or a seasonal 4 pack for $32.

Spring is currently on sale for $6 so you might as well grab one of those to have on hand for next year too.

I can’t wait to get a set of my own. I also think these would make great gifts.

CLICK HERE to visit Laken’s Etsy Shop & HERE to check out her blog.


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  1. Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

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