San Francisco Photo Shoot

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I’ll be taking some much-needed time off this weekend so figured I’d share a few photos in lieu of a Pilates post. As you may know, I had the honor of working with Jeff Shipley a few weeks ago. We did a lifestyle shoot for The Balanced Life all around San Francisco and had SUCH a great time.

I have always admired Jeff’s work and am even more in awe of his talent after our shoot together. He is a true artist. His attention to detail and calm demeanor make him a joy to work with. He really wanted to capture what I’m about here on The Balanced Life and I think he did an incredible job.

He took the time to understand the message I’m passionate about sharing with all of you and crafted photos that expressed it in a beautiful way. Notice there aren’t any “sexy perfect body” shots or photoshopped abs. We kept it real & honest. This is a place for strong, confident, healthy women and I want that to be depicted in everything I do.

An example of his brilliance: these photos were taken in a tunnel. We were standing in pure daylight so I had NO idea the lighting would look like this in a the photos. I love the way they turned out.

A special thank you to Jeff for coming all the up north to work with me! Be sure to check out his blog for more of his work. His wedding photos are to die for.

Have a great, healthy holiday weekend everyone. See you back here next week!

PS – a special welcome to all of the new Pilates Body members who came over from Shauna’s blog! I can’t wait to start working with you. T-minus 8 days 🙂


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