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Since moving to Colorado I’ve had the pleasure of teaching prenatal Pilates classes at Belly Up Spa in Lone Tree. It has been such a joy and I’m genuinely sad to leave our group of soon-to-be-mamas as I prepare for maternity leave.

I taught mat Pilates classes in their beautiful studio up until I was 37 weeks pregnant. That is a BIG belly doing Pilates! But it’s so great for you during pregnancy that even on the days I felt lethargic and tired I left class feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

belly up spa

I had a great group of mamas in my class and it was fun to swap pregnancy stories and discuss all of the changes and decisions that come along with motherhood.

I spent most of my time at Belly Up teaching and only recently indulged in one of their spa treatments myself; a relaxing, hour long, non-toxic pedicure. They offer a full range of services from body treatments, to massages, to waxing and even 3D ultrasounds. The atmosphere is chic & relaxing and I can’t wait to get a prenatal massage before this baby arrives.

Belly Up Spa

Things I love about Belly Up:

It’s CLEAN. This is huge for me. The treatment rooms are spotless as are the pedicure chairs & tubs. Always important but particularly important when you have a baby you’re looking out for as well.

They use all organic ingredients in their facials, treatments, pedicures and manicures. This is so important and so hard to find. I believe it’s always important to use organic beauty products but even more so during pregnancy. I had avoided pedicures until I found Belly Up because I know I can trust their products.

It’s a pregnancy (and mommy) spa, which means you don’t have to worry about whether or not a product or treatment is safe. They cater to pregnant women and their staff is trained to provide pregnancy-safe services that will leave you feeling calm and confident.

The owner, Rhonda, is passionate about what she does because of her own journey through pregnancy and motherhood. She’s always there, smiling and offering great service to every woman that walks through the door. She’s passionate about caring for women who are either just beginning their journey or well into the journey of motherhood and it shows.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every experience I’ve had a Belly Up and can’t recommend it enough. If you’re pregnant or have little ones I highly recommend checking out their treatments and fitness classes. They also host baby showers which would be a super cute way to pamper a tired mom-to-be.

To visit Belly Up’s website and explore their services click HERE.

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  1. Janell 7 years ago

    I would NOT recommend this place to get an Ultrasound done. Their “tech” Ashlen Berner, is NOT certified. On their website they say you will get an ultrasound done by an experienced, ARDMS certified tech. Ashlen is neither. She’s 21 and not ARDMS certified. She couldn’t tell what a clear girl shot was for early gender ID. It’s a good thing I have friends who know actual certified sonographers who could help me out. This business has FALSE advertising with ultrasounds, which should NOT be taken lightly. I’m not the only person Ashlen scanned who got the gender wrong either. Aside from that though, she’s NOT ARDMS certified. Which means she can’t legally tell you, your baby looks healthy, when she doesn’t know what healthy is suppose to look like! ALSO, if you would like you can look Ashlen up on the ARDMS website and find she is not there. Other ACTUAL registered sonographers I know are ON that website.

    • Robin Long 7 years ago

      Thank you for your feedback Janell! I do agree that it’s SUPER important to only have ultrasounds done by certified techs. I don’t have any experience with this at Belly Up myself so I can’t say one way or another whether or not their tech is fully certified. But I agree that before you have any ultrasounds done you should make sure that they are done my professionals. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience 🙁

      • Janell 7 years ago

        It’s just unfortunate to get scammed by false advertising. As I’m sure the rest of the spa is fine, that aspect is incredibly deceitful & I hope expecting parents are made aware of this situation since the spa owner refuses to change her false advertising on her website.

  2. Robin Long 7 years ago

    Yes, the rest of the spa is certainly wonderful and I do highly recommend it.

    I did talk to the spa owner, who was very helpful, just to confirm that all ultrasound techs ARE legal and trained to do what they do at Belly Up.

    In my personal experience, I’d recommend seeing a Dr. for the gender confirmation and for any medical needs. Generally speaking spa ultrasounds are not the place to go for any medical questions or needs. I’m still sorry that you had a bad experience, I wouldn’t hope that for anyone.

    Thanks for bringing this topic into the light. I hope that we were able to clarify this issue for others.

    Thanks again, Janelle.

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