Resolution Head Start

Hi Beauties!

I’m sure a lot of you are feeling the itch to back to your healthy routine after the holidays, so instead of waiting until the new year to get back on track, I thought I’d put together a little head start for you. 🙂

Let’s finish the year strong!

Here in this blog post, I’ve mapped out a simple 5-day plan for you to follow along with each day. Bookmark this post and come back to it each morning to find your daily workout.

This isn’t an overwhelming thing, I just want you to complete a short workout each day to help you finish the year strong and get a head start on a healthy 2019!

Resolution Head Start // The Balanced Life

These workouts are complete on their own, but if you like a little extra time to get your body ready for movement, you can start each day with a 5-minute warm up!

CLICK HERE for the 5-Minute Pilates Warm Up

Are you ready to get started with your Resolution Head Start?

Each workout is listed below for you – just click play!

DAY 1: Pilates for Posture

DAY 2: Pilates Resistance Band Workout

DAY 3: Pilates for Balance

DAY 4: Pilates-Inspired HIIT Workout

DAY 5: Pilates for Pelvic Floor

Bookmark this blog post and come back each day to end the year feeling healthy and strong. And get ready….2019 is going to be full of exciting new things here at The Balanced Life! Can’t wait to share more soon!




PS – For more workouts like this, be sure to visit my YouTube channel. Looking for something longer? The Balanced Life Sisterhood is where you want to be!



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  1. Shannon 5 months ago

    Hey Robin! Thanks for helping the post-Christmas slump! I can’t find the 20 minute core and back workout you reference in the first posture video. Where is that link?


  2. Leanne Collings 5 months ago

    I’m late checking emails. Can’t find the link but would love to view the 20 minute workout.

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