Recipes For A Balanced Life: a Q&A with Madison Mayberry

I first found Madison’s blog through her “No Fat Talk Tuesday” series. It’s not everyday you see a popular food blogger/editor dedicating time and energy to improving the lives of others. Madison Mayberry (could you get a better name?) is truly an inspiration. She’s insanely talented in the kitchen, but beyond that, she’s using her gifts to empower others to live healthy, balanced lives. She is a real woman, seeking real balance. A perfect fit for The Balanced Life! Keep reading to learn more…

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1. What inspired you to start your blog “Espresso and Cream“?

I started Espresso and Cream in 2009 when I was interning for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. At the time, I was just starting to explore the world of food writing and recipe development. And while I enjoyed writing for a magazine, I also wanted to have a place to jot down my own recipes and write about things that I felt passionate about without having to answer to an editor.

2. What do you do when you’re not working on your blog?

By day I’m a food editor for Meredith Corporation in Des Moines, Iowa, which keeps me very busy and challenges me constantly. When I’m not at work, it’s all about family. Now that the weather in Iowa is starting to get nicer, my husband, Joe, and I love to spend as much time outside as possible. I think we both have a case of spring fever! We love to go on runs, walks with our dog, Nutmeg, and play tennis. Our family is also pretty spread out, so we spend a lot of time in the car and in airplanes traveling to see them.

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3. What is your favorite post on Espresso and Cream?

Since I’m a newlywed, my favorite posts related to the wedding. Our ceremony was my favorite part of the day, so this recap post tops the list.

Food Editor Meredith

4. As you know, The Balanced Life is all about empowering women to approach health & fitness with a balanced mindset. We’re trying to rid the industry of guilt and fat talk so when I discovered “No Fat Talk Tuesdays” on your blog I knew you were a perfect fit, What inspired you to start that topic on your blog?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with talking negatively about my body. I reached a low point in college, when I was sure that people would think that I was so ugly that I shouldn’t go out in public. But the truth is, I was fooled into believing lies about who I was and what I looked like. Although I was thinking very little of my appearance, I realized I was also being incredibly self-centered for spending so much time thinking about me!

While my body image is much healthier today, I was still encountering so many beautiful, talented women who struggled with the same issues. I started “No Fat Talk Tuesdays” to shed light on this issue, and to help other women know that they aren’t alone. Women of all shapes and sizes struggle with negative body talk. I think it’s time we all bond together and lift one another up, rather than tearing each other down.

5. We’re also all about balance here. So tell us, what does balance mean to you in your current season of life?

Man! This is a question I ask myself a lot. With a husband, job, commute, dog, friends, and a blog, it’s crucial that I take inventory of where I am investing my time and how thin I’m stretching myself.

I’ve been learning a lot about moderation in this season of life. Sure, my house could be cleaner and I could respond to e-mails a bit more promptly, but sometimes good enough really is good enough. I need to give myself a little more grace and realize that spending time with the people in my life is top priority.

6. Who/what inspires you?

My mom inspires me! She is strong and independent, always paving her own way without sacrificing herself or her values. And despite the high-pressure jobs she has held throughout the years, I always felt supported – as if I was the most important thing.

She is one of the kindest women I know, always eager to invest in other people. Not to mention she instilled in me a love for fitness and cooking, two of the things I’m now most passionate about.

7. What is your best tip for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the midst of a busy life?

I know plenty of people say this, but you need to make it a priority – make a date with yourself just like you would a hair appointment or visit to your doctor. My husband is great because he loves the gym as much as I do, so we encourage and push one another. It’s also helpful to me to remind myself that I never regret going to the gym and almost always regret not going.

And don’t forget about the nutrition piece of the puzzle. Focus on fruits, veggies, whole grains and lots of protein. I’m a vegetarian, so getting lots of protein is a bit more challenging, but if you’re thoughtful about it, you can get it done. If you prepare in advance it’s much easier to succeed.

To read more from Madison be sure to visit her blog, Espresso and Cream. I promise you’ll love it!

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