Race Update + Link Love

I am currently on my way back from California where I  spent the weekend catching up with old friends and running the Santa Barbara International Half-Marathon.

It’s been so much fun.

I had set this goal for myself when I was pregnant and while the training wasn’t easy, it feels so good to have accomplished what I set out to do.


There were a handful of times I wanted to throw in the towel, especially when long runs took a whole day of tag-teaming with my husband to keep the baby on schedule and happy. Or when runs kept getting cancelled due to the needs of someone other than myself. But I did it…5 months after giving birth. It certainly wasn’t a PR or impressive performance but I didn’t give up and I feel good…and that’s all that matters to me.



Thanks to my supportive husband and the INCREDIBLE motivation from The Balanced Life Run Club I’m feeling accomplished and proud today 🙂


Since I’m traveling today I wanted to share a few links to interesting articles I’ve been reading lately:

What We Eat Affects Everything. A FANTASTIC article for so many reasons.

When I get home I am definitely making this Cinnamon Iced Coffee recipe from Could I Have That.

Also, this pumkin-spice almond milk from Yes I Want Cake looks yummy and perfect for little ones.

Workout Habits That You Should Drop Now – YES.

A great article on how pushing your flexibility beyond what is anatomically appropriate can be dangerous (a must-read if you’re a yogi): Women’s Flexibility Is A Liability

A good reminder to get off your phone. I needed this!

Have a great Monday,

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  1. Jessica Repp 6 years ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting the first link to Dr. Chutkan’s article – it seriously is FANTASTIC and just what I needed to read. I so appreciate all of the knowledge you share with us on your blog Robin, you’re so helpful and amazing!

  2. Amy 6 years ago

    Robin, this is such an accomplishment, running a half marathon 5 months after giving birth, that is no little task babies 0-5 months are not sleeping 8 hours a night…even if Blake is an “easy” baby or a “good” sleeper, she is still a baby, she needs/wants you 100% of the time, you are not sleeping like you used to (you never will again, obvi) and just factoring in baby Blake can be so hard sometimes, it is easy to want to just give up. I know, I have TWO to factor in! But cheers to you, who put yourself, your goals, your fitness and your health FIRST. So many moms sacrifice themselves for their kids, and while a small amount of sacrifice is important, it’s also vitally important not to let things get out of BALANCE. Loved seeing you cross that finish line, healthy and strong!! Proud of you, my friend! xo

  3. Madeline Jacks 6 years ago

    So good to see you last weekend! 🙂
    And I just started reading Dr. Chutkan’s book Gutbliss last week! It’s wonderful!

  4. Tyler 6 years ago

    First off very impressed that you ran the half marathon 5 months after giving birth. That is a huge accomplishment and inspires me for my daily runs! Second I really liked the article What We Eat Affects Everything… very interesting, I’ve already passed it along to a couple people.

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