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In The Sisterhood, we encourage women to show up as they are without guilt or shame, and give them practical tools that are realistic and effective to help them live their healthiest lives.

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Monthly Workout Calendars

Eliminate decision fatigue and stay consistent with the convenience of pressing play on a daily workout curated for you.

Workout Library

Find everything you need with workouts and modifications that help you make progress and build strength with every workout – whether you have 10 or 40 minutes.

Recipe Central

Fuel your body with nourishing and anti-inflammatory meals that leave you feeling your best.


Connect with Sisterhood members for positivity + support across generations. No competition. No comparison.

Workout anywhere, anytime

With 200+ on-demand Pilates workouts to choose from, you can take your Pilates journey a step further anywhere, anytime with the members-only app and ability to cast workouts to multiple devices.

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A portion of your membership goes directly to empower a girl to boldly pursue her dreams through Girls on the Run.

Get started today!

Start Your Membership

from 1, 6, to 12 months

Gift a Membership

A portion of your membership goes directly to empower a girl to boldly pursue her dreams through Girls on the Run.

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Meet our founder

Robin Long lives and works in sunny Santa Barbara, CA. As a certified Pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life, she created The Sisterhood to empower, strengthen, restore, and rejuvenate women from the inside out. She believes in a guilt-free, balanced approach to health & fitness and is dedicated to helping you love and care for your body every day.

Outside of The Balanced Life, she can be found chasing her 7-year-old, 5-year-old, and 3-year-old twins (yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds!), sneaking in 10-minute workouts during the kids’ bath time, and spending as much time as possible at the beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Balanced Life Sisterhood is an online Pilates membership program that provides everything you need to be consistent with exercise. No more guilt and stress, just a realistic plan with quick + effective Pilates workouts to help you become the healthiest version of yourself, inside and out. 

Designed to help you discover that it’s possible to enjoy working out, be consistent, and feel great, The Sisterhood will fit your schedule and help you embrace Grace over Guilt to transform your relationship with exercise and healthy living. From beginner to advanced levels, The Sisterhood approach helps members see and feel results on and off the mat.

You do not need any Pilates experience to get started. You will learn proper techniques and be provided with modifications throughout workouts so that you can make progress and build strength with every workout.

When you join, you will get access to The Sisterhood Starter Series – a series of workouts to help build your Pilates foundation and embrace the Pilates method. Additionally, The Sisterhood Workout Library includes tutorials and modification videos to help you practice common Pilates exercises.

As a Sisterhood member, you will have access to exclusive monthly workout calendars, 200+ on-demand Pilates workouts, a members-only app, 450+ healthy recipes specific to multiple dietary preferences, and a competition-free community centered around positivity + support. 

You will find everything from full-body and cardio, to abs, upper body, and stretching. The Sisterhood Workout Library constantly grows with bonus workouts and a new on-demand workout released every month to help you build consistency, take care of yourself, and make progress toward your goals.

To join The Sisterhood, you can sign up HERE

All of your workouts can be done without equipment. Occasionally, workouts feature equipment such as weights, a foam roller, or resistance bands and you can modify without equipment and still get a great workout or follow the recommendation for household items to use as a replacement. 

Yes! Whether you are working out at home, traveling, or taking The Sisterhood with you to the gym, all workouts are available on any device. Stream from your mobile device or tablet via the app and cast from the app to your TV using an Apple TV, Chromecast, or select Roku 4K devices. Workouts can also be viewed using a web browser with additional streaming options available using an Amazon Firestick or HDMI cable.  

Yes! The Sisterhood is available globally!

It’s easy to upgrade your current membership to an annual membership right within your account! Log into your Sisterhood account via a web browser and click on your name in the top right corner of your dashboard, select the green box that says “Annual Upgrade,” and complete the checkout process. Your annual membership will process and begin on your next renewal date.

Yes! You can download your favorite Sisterhood workouts straight onto your mobile device to stream offline. Simply choose the video you wish to download, select the download button, and it will begin to download.

Yes! We recommend that you check with your health care provider first and listen to your body whenever doing Pilates. 

Your membership includes prenatal-friendly workouts in the Workout Library and a Prenatal Pilates modification guide that includes a curated calendar of prenatal-friendly workouts that can be used during your second and third trimester.

It’s easy to give the gift of Pilates! Sisterhood gift memberships are available for three, six, or twelve months and can be used towards new or existing memberships. All gift memberships are sent digitally – you have your choice of sending it directly to the recipient or sending it to yourself to print and gift in person. 

To gift a Sisterhood membership, click HERE.

There are no contracts required, you can cancel anytime, and semi-annual and annual members can email us for a full refund within the first 30 days of their membership.

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