The Prenatal Pilates Program

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Welcome to The Prenatal Pilates Program!

Pilates is one of  the BEST exercise methods you can do to have a comfortable, peaceful, empowered pregnancy. This program will help you to exercise safely and effectively so you can maintain your sense of well-being, strength, and confidence during your pregnancy.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I was nervous as to how my body would respond and how I would embrace the process. I was worried about the changes that would take place physically in my body, but also aware that I would need to be proactive in MENTALLY embracing the changes in order to maintain my confidence (hello, weight gain!).

Thankfully, I had Pilates on my side.

And now, I get to share that gift with you. I filmed all of the videos in my home studio with just a mat and a resistance band (here’s a link to my favorite one). That’s all you’ll need to stay strong & healthy over the next 9 months.

The Prenatal Pilates Program is an online program designed to:

  • Increase energy
  • Build strength
  • Maintain muscle tone
  • Prevent/reduce back pain
  • Prepare for an easier delivery and recovery

Here, you’ll find 5 carefully crafted prenatal Pilates workouts suitable for all 3 trimesters. This is a self-guided program, so my hope is that you’ll pick and choose the workout that suits your mood each day.

I’ll be sending you a few emails in the next few days to help you get the most out of the program.

But for now, go ahead and roll out your mat and get started! 


Full Body Target Training

Length: 32 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

This routine is designed to work your whole body, one section at a time. Enjoy connecting with your entire body from head to toe! Download SD Download HD

Core & Pelvic Floor

Length: 21 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

This workout is designed to strengthen your core and pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor is an important component of your core, and with these exercises you will work towards strengthening all of the muscles in your core. Download SD Download HD  

Stretch, Move, Breathe

Length: 16 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

This workout is perfect for those days in your pregnancy when you don't have the energy for a hard workout, but you know you need to move your body and maybe release some tension. Use this time to reconnect to your body, slow your mind, and take care of yourself. Download SD Download HD  

Upper Body Burn

Length: 14 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

This workout is designed to give you a quick boost for your upper body. In 15 minutes, we'll work biceps, triceps, upper back, and of course, your core as well.  This routine utilizes an exercise band for extra resistance and, at times, extra assistance. You’ll love the way the band challenges you in new ways, and keeps your mind engaged [...]

Lower Body Tone

Length: 12 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

This lower body tone workout is designed to strengthen and tone both your legs and glutes. I've also snuck in a little core work to this routine. This entire workout is standing, so it's the perfect workout to sneak in during the workday or in the kitchen while making dinner. Just make sure you have something to hold onto for [...]

Prenatal Dos & Don’ts

Length: 9 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

Do you wonder what Pilates moves and exercises are safe during pregnancy? I am here to help you feel empowered and confident in how you’re caring for your body and baby throughout this pregnancy. Download SD Download HD  

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

Author: Robin Long

These recipes focus on fiber, calcium, and iron-rich foods which are all super important during pregnancy. They are also meant to be filling, nutritionally balanced, and free from added sugar to help keep your energy levels high and your blood sugar levels balanced.

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