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Pilates is one of  the BEST exercise methods you can do to have a comfortable, peaceful, empowered pregnancy. This program will help you to exercise safely and effectively so you can maintain your sense of well-being, strength and confidence during your pregnancy.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I was nervous as to how my body would respond and how I would embrace the process. I was worried about the changes that would take place physically in my body but also aware that I would need to be proactive in MENTALLY embracing the changes in order to maintain my confidence (hello weight gain!).

Thankfully, I had Pilates on my side.

And now I get to share that gift with you. To keep it real, I filmed all of the videos in my home studio with just a mat and a theraband. That’s all you’ll need to stay strong & healthy over the next 9 months.

Balanced Beginnings utilizes the tried & true Pilates method to:

  • Keep your muscles strong & toned
  • Maintain healthy posture
  • Reduce pregnancy related aches & pains
  • And keep your mind calm, peaceful and free from stress
 Here you’ll find 5 carefully crafted prenatal Pilates workouts suitable for all 3 trimesters. This is self-guided program so my hope is that you’ll pick and choose the workout that suits your mood each day.
I’ll be sending you a few emails in the next few days to help you get the most out of the program.
But for now, go ahead and roll out your mat and get started! 



Length: 50 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

A full body Pilates workout designed to keep you strong, toned & flexible throughout your 9 months


Length: 26 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

A gentle breathing & stretching workout to designed to promote stress-relief, relaxation and peace


Length: 20 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

A lower body workout designed to lift & tone your booty and legs while promoting strength & stamina for labor and delivery


Length: 25 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

A strategic upper body workout to maintain healthy posture and increase your strength as you prepare for baby’s arrival


Length: 32 minutesAuthor: Robin Long

A safe & effective workout to maintain and build core strength to avoid excess back pain and prepare for a strong labor & delivery

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