Deep Tissue Massage Balls

$15.99 USD


Release painful muscle tightness while melting away your daily stress with sFera Deep Tissue Massage Balls. Use the sFera advanced engineered balls to release muscle tension, warm up the body for the workout, increase flexibility, improve circulation, and speed up recovery.

This Deep Tissue Massage Ball set includes 4 different types of latex-free massage balls for all-around muscle release. Use different size balls to relieve pain and tightness in shoulder/neck area, upper back, lower back, hips, glutes, feet and hands. Progressively increase pressure and penetration by going from larger balls to smaller ones. Smooth balls have luxurious velvety no-slip surface that is pleasant to press against the skin. Balls with moderately hard spikes are ideal to use under the feet for plantar fasciitis and all-around foot health, along the spine, or under the head to increase blood circulation and access smaller muscles.

Set includes:

  • Extra large ball (4″)
  • Trigger point massage ball (2.5″)
  • 2 spiky massageballs (2.5″)
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