Prenatal Pilates Series: Upper Body Strength & Toning

Hi Beauties!

Welcome back to the Prenatal Pilates Series: a 5 week series for a strong, healthy pregnancy.

Today we’re focusing on the upper body.

The upper body is often neglected when it comes to prenatal workouts because it’s not directly involved with growing and carrying a baby, but it’s extremely important for a number of reasons…

1. Maintaining a strong upper body will help you maintain proper posture during pregnancy helping to avoid back pain, neck tension, sciatica and other discomforts that arise while carrying extra weight day-in and day-out.

2. If you’re a mama you already know – babies get heavy! Especially when bundled up in a 10 lb. car seat….10 lb. car seat + a 20 lb. baby = 30 awkward pounds to lift and carry on a regular basis. You’ll want to make sure you’re strong and ready to care for your baby without getting exhausted or fatigued from the daily routine.

Today’s workout focuses on the arms and upper back – both important for maintaining healthy posture and preparing for your future in “baby lifting.” 🙂

Check out this FREE upper body Pilates workout for pregnant mamas! <— CLICK TO TWEET.

Prenatal Pilates Series: Upper Body Strength & Toning

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PS – In case you missed it, here’s a link to part 1: prenatal core workout (safe ab exercises for all 3 trimesters).

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