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prenatal pilates

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If we’re friends on Twitter or Facebook, you probably have heard me talking about the online prenatal Pilates program I have in the works. I am SO excited about this program! I’m putting the final touches on it and would love to hear if you have any recommendations about what you would love (or have loved) to have access to during your pregnancy.

I can’t release all the details yet, but this program will be suitable for all 3 trimesters and can be done completely from the comfort of your own home.

I even filmed them in my own home studio/soon-to-be nursery to keep it real and approachable.

{baby & I on filming day}

It will include a handful of Pilates workouts (that you can view and download on your home computer) to target some of the common needs during pregnancy; back care, upper body strength, toning, relaxation, etc. Along with a bunch of other resources to help you EMBRACE your pregnancy, surprising body changes and all 🙂 My goal is to provide as many valuable resources as I possibly can.

Much of the focus will be on loving your body through the 9 months. So many mainstream prenatal fitness routines encourage you to exercise to keep your body looking as close to “pre-pregnancy” as possible and that’s just not my style. Your body is SUPPOSED to change during pregnancy! You’re creating a life! And I want to help women embrace that process to go through pregnancy with grace and peace.

{mat + theraband + belly = all you need for a great at-home prenatal Pilates workout}

In my own experience over the past 7 months, I realized quickly that if I didn’t take positive steps to embrace the process I would resist it on some subconscious level. I would fret over weight gain, stress over the growing size of my thighs and beat myself up over  my declining fitness level. But that’s not the type of woman I want to be and that’s not the type of mother I want to be.

So I decided to create this program, for myself, and for others.

The program is scheduled to launch April 1st.


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