Pilates Summer Series: Day #14 + what to do now…

Hi Beauties!

I hope you’re having a good week so far.

A new Pilates Summer Series workout is up and ready to go, but before we dive in I want to take a minute to talk about where to go from here…


I’m willing to bet you’re feeling one of two ways right now:

1. Motivated, strong, and SO much better than you were 3 weeks ago. It’s amazing what just 10 minutes a day can do isn’t it?

2. Deflated and bummed that you didn’t stick the program as well as you originally intended.

Regardless of which way you’re feeling I encourage you to consider what you want to do from here.

Don’t stop now.

Keep the momentum, keep the motivation and commit to continuing with Pilates when the program concludes.

If you’ve lost your motivation consider the fact that you may need a little more skin in the game to hold you accountable (free programs aren’t for everyone, some people are motivated by getting their money’s worth).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 5 years of teaching on and off-line…Pilates works.

If you stick with it, get on your mat multiple times per week and honor the process you WILL see incredible changes; physically and mentally.

If you want to see what Pilates can do for you I encourage you to continue with me in my next online program. Registration will be opening next week so keep your eyes peeled for important emails from me.


The summer edition of Pilates 4×4 will take your training to the next level, while still keeping your busy schedule in mind.

If you participated in the December program you know just how fun and effective this program is.

The program will follow a 4-week structure that includes BRAND NEW workouts (30-40 minutes) that can be done from home. (Bonus: they are all prenatal friendly!)

I can’t share all the details yet but be sure to check your inbox on Saturday morning. I’ll be sending some helpful emails as we lead up to the launch of this exciting new program.

I can’t wait to keep working with  you in the weeks to come! 🙂

Let’s do Pilates…

Our last and final beach booty workout is up and ready for you to enjoy. This will be a good one to come back to all summer long.

I can’t believe this is my last workout with you! I’m going to miss this. We’ll have an amazing guest instructor tomorrow that I know you’ll enjoy. And I genuinely hope you’ll sign up for Pilates 4×4 so we can continue this good thing we have going. 🙂

If you are unable to view the video above please click here.

Today’s Check-In: triple up!

Go back and complete 2 additional PSS workouts to finish strong today. 🙂





  1. Bethzy 6 years ago

    Awwwwww what??????
    No happy at all,but you are going to have another series right????
    Thanks for all your hard work I really enjoyed, I have seen a lot of work outs on line and the reason I like yours is because you sound like you are in peace with you self that is a quality that I admire I also like the fact that you do not take your self to serious.
    C u on the Web

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