Introducing….The Pilates Reformer Series

After years of requests, I’m thrilled to announce that my first official Pilates reformer workout program is HERE!
If you have a reformer at home, it’s time to put it to use…
pilates reformer workout

Introducing….The Pilates Reformer Series.

Nothing builds strength, control, coordination, and balance quite like the reformer. While you wouldn’t know it from all of my online mat classes, Pilates reformer workouts have actually been my specialty over the past 7 years. 
I love providing well-rounded, energizing Pilates reformer workouts that engage your body and mind so that working out feels more like a treat, and less like a chore.

A Pilates Reformer workout program you can do from home.

Each bundle released in this series will include 3 full-length, downloadable Pilates reformer workouts. They’re suitable for all levels, however previous studio experience is definitely recommended. 
 Pilates reformer workout

Here’s what’s included in this Pilates reformer workout bundle:

Classic Reformer:

This routine will guide you through classic reformer exercises to build strength, increase flexibility, and restore balance to your body. This is a full body workout that moves at a deliberate, easy-to-follow pace.

Fitness Flow:

This fitness-inspired routine will challenge your strength, stamina, and endurance. This is a full-body workout with variations that will challenge you in new and effective ways.

Stretching, Strength & Balance:

This full-body Pilates reformer routine will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. The workout includes a perfect balance of stretching, strength-building, and exercises to improve your balance.

pilates reformer workout
You’ll also receive a brief Intro To Reformer video to set you up for success for your at-home practice.
Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?
I can’t wait to work with you and lead you through these fun and effective workouts!
Are you ready to dive in?

Want to join our online community? Get on the waitlist and get a free workout!

  1. Rachel Showers 3 months ago

    I am beyond thrilled to have this in my my available workouts and a reason to put my reformer to use.

  2. Monica Ramm 3 months ago

    When I click here to get started, it comes up with Error 404- Page not found 🙁

    • Sarah Stoll 3 months ago

      Hi Monica! We are sorry to hear this – it sounds like your browser may need a refresh! We suggest deleting your history/cookies/cache to refresh the browser. I hope this helps – please feel free to email us at for additional help!

  3. Karen 3 months ago

    I just my break at work, closed my door, rolled out my mat and took a class! This is fantastic, love it. Thank you !!

  4. Karen 3 months ago

    That should have read “took” my break. Also, how many reformer classes are available? I’m thinking of purchasing a reformer.

    • Sarah Stoll 3 months ago

      Hi Karen! There are 4 reformer workouts available in this new reformer series! 🙂

  5. Cindy 3 months ago

    What kind of reformer does everyone have? Thinking of getting one but have no idea where to start,

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