Pilates-Inspired Confidence

Has insecurity regarding your body or abilities ever held you back from trying something new? Or participating in a sport or activity?

Or perhaps insecurity has simply kept you on the sideline, rather than diving into life and taking part. I personally can think of multiple occasions where I chose to lay still, poised, and partially covered on my towel rather than getting up and playing in the ocean or on the beach out of insecurity around what I look like in a bathing suit. In retrospect, I’ve done this far too many times.

This past week I received an email from a Pilates Body Program participant that made my week. Over the past 5 weeks she’s been doing Pilates 4x per week through my online program and has steadily been building strength thanks to her consistency and commitment to the program.

She recently sent me this email:

My family & my husband’s family are big boaters. We go up to the lake any chance we get. Well, about 2 weeks ago we were up there, and I decided to try water skiing. I haven’t skied in like 8 years. Generally it’s not my favorite activity, as it’s always been really hard on my back for some reason. But I decided to give it another try.

Pilates for back pain

As I was in the water waiting for the boat to pull me up, holding the position as best I could, all I kept thinking to myself was “teaser teaser teaser!!!” (basically the hold, except for your knees are bent). I knew to push down on my legs once I got going, and hold my back flat. Hard to explain, but seriously, because of all the Pilates, I totally believe I was able to pop right up on the FIRST try, and ski for much longer than I used to and with less discomfort! It felt great, and I felt so excited. I did it again yesterday with the same ease!

So thank you for that! I know I’m stronger and this just really helped encourage me.  bet there are a lot of things I used to hesitate to d, that I would be capable of doing now. And that feels great.

I was so encouraged by the email and I hope you are too. By taking time out of her week (only 40 minutes, 4x per week) to do Pilates she has improved her strength, confidence and ultimately the quality of her life.

Has Pilates helped you in another area of life? I’d love to hear about it!




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