Pilates Bridge: a new website for Pilates lovers

Hi Beauties!

I’m excited to share a great new website with you today.

I met Anastasiya Goers a few years back through her website Balance In Me. We are like long lost Pilates sisters.

We’re both Pilates teachers & devotees and we both write about seeking balance in life. We’ve done some guest posting for one another in the past but today I’m thrilled to introduce you to her latest venture, PilatesBridge.com.

We’ve kept in touch over the past year as we were both pregnant and juggling online businesses with babies. Would you believe that Anastasiya has TWO sets of beautiful twin girls? Keep reading to learn more about her and her new venture…


1. What role does Pilates currently play in your life?

Pilates is my passion and my way of life. I can honestly say that I owe my body to Pilates and I am on a mission to let as many people as possible experience the life changing benefits of this method.

Whenever I go out with my entire family I constantly keep getting the same question “Are those two sets of twins?” “Yes, they are (*smile*).” I was blessed with two sets of identical twin girls and though I am extremely thankful for this miracle I can say that my body had a lot to go through to deliver them into this world.
Pilates got me through both pregnancies, let me enjoy my pregnancies and, most importantly, helped me get my body and sanity back after the babies were born.
I had to deal with a bad case of Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal muscles that creates a permanent “mommy-tummy”) but was able to literally pull myself back together through diligent Pilates practice and constant focus on the Pilates principles.
I’ve always been passionate about teaching Pilates to my students but after my second twin pregnancy I set an even higher goal of connecting the Pilates world and sharing the Pilates vision. That is when PilatesBridge was born.

2. What is Pilates Bridge?

Pilates Bridge is a community Pilates website that connects Pilates students and instructors of any level and any background. It is my way of saying “thank you” to the Pilates community worldwide for growing and teaching this wonderful method.

Pilates Bridge has great resources and articles for any Pilates devotees whether they are just interested in taking their first session or have been practicing the method for years.
Pilates students can find great articles and videos that will help them enhance their practice and learn something new about their bodies. I believe that each one of us needs a unique connection with their teacher and needs different cues and session designs to get the best results. That is why I interview different teachers and ask them to share their best Pilates tips and their best video workouts as well as showcase the latest and most useful Pilates articles and news.
Even more, Pilates students can find instructors that teach Pilates in their area or offer online classes in a comprehensive Pilates directory. It is the only Pilates resource that lets any visitor find an instructor based on their educational background, classes offered and their teaching style.
Pilates instructors have a complete Pilates marketing and learning resource at their fingertips. First of all, they can
  • list their business in the directory,
  • learn from the interviews with the Pilates pros
  • use the classifieds section as well as
  • get help with their websites,
  • generate more Pilates leads.
One of the missions of PilatesBridge is to educate people online about the benefits of Pilates, so I am constantly spreading the word about Pilates and the Pilates directory in different media channels (blogs, web and printed magazines etc.)
3. What inspired you to start Pilates Bridge?

As a Pilates instructor I always thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be great if I could have access to a non-biased Pilates resource that would help me grow as an instructor and give me the necessary tools to grow my business?” After I got pregnant with my second set of twins and developed even a deeper appreciation of the method I felt that it was time to create this ultimate Pilates resource that I have always dreamed about.


4. Who is Pilates Bridge for?

Pilates Bridge is for

  1. A person who doesn’t know what Pilates is but is willing to give it a try. Free videos (including Robin’s excellent 28 Days of Pilates and much more) and free articles on PilatesBridge are an easy way to get a taste of Pilates and figure out what the method is all about. This person can also find a great Pilates instructor in his/her area to take classes from and experience even greater benefits.
  2. A person already loving Pilates and willing to develop a deeper connection with his/her body. One of the biggest benefits of Pilates, in my opinion, is the deep mind and body connection that is inevitable if you practice Pilates. This mind/body connection is a cornerstone of a balanced lifestyle, something that all of us can appreciate here.  If you are ready to explore your body deeper through Pilates then you will find a growing library of free resources on PilatesBridge.
  3. Pilates Instructors and Pilates Business owners. I have created PilatesBridge out of my personal thirst for growth as an instructor and a need to get answers to all of my business-related questions. How do you find your first clients? How do you teach a specialty population (e.g. prenatal, post-surgery clients)? What is the difference between classical and contemporary Pilates? How do you promote your Pilates business without being too “salesy”? These are just a few questions already covered in the Pro section of PilatesBridge. Pilates instructors who become members of PilatesBridge get access to the exclusive interviews, marketing and business resources as well as exclusive coupons and discounts on Pilates-related items (training, apparel, equipment etc.)

Anyone who is wondering “What is Pilates?” or who is already living a Pilates-inspired life is a welcomed member and visitor of PilatesBridge.

5. What can we look forward to in the coming months from Pilates Bridge?
PilatesBridge is a growing community that is built to unite the Pilates world.
There are a lot of wonderful ideas brewing around PilatesBridge but I’ll give you a little sneak-pick of what is coming in the upcoming months. We are preparing a free program “Pilates: The Next Level” that will help anyone develop a deeper mind/body connection and take their Pilates practice to the next level. Pilates instructors will be able to participate in a special program “30 Days to Supercharge Your Teaching and Grow Your Pilates Business.”  We are still working out the dates but please sign up for our newsletter to get the most current Pilates news, videos and articles: CLICK HERE.
Thanks for sharing Anastasiya!



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  1. Anastasiya 4 years ago

    Thank you Robin for posting this interview with me! Your questions were awesome and I am honored to be featured on your wonderful website that I love so much!

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