Pilates At Home (part III)

I hope you’ve been enjoying this at-home Pilates series!

If you’re new to the blog check out Part I and Part II…and welcome to Part III 🙂

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a workout has to be long to be effective. These mini-routines can add up to great results.

Enough with the talking. Let’s get down to business…

1. Leg Circles

Lay on your back with your arms long down by your side. You can place them in a low V for additional support if necessary. Straighten one leg up toward the ceiling. While keeping your abdominals pulled in and your pelvis still, circle the leg out, down, across midline and back to starting position 8-10 times. Reverse for 8 -10. Then repeat on the opposite side.



Tips: draw your belly toward your spine to support your torso, bend your top leg is you have tight hamstrings, bend you bottom leg and place your foot flat on the floor if you need additional support.

2. Frogs

Lay on your back with your arms resting down by your side. Bring both legs to tabletop position then externally rotate your legs so that your heels are together and your toes are apart. Draw your belly in and extend your legs on  a 45 degree angle, bend the knees back in and repeat 10 times.



Tips: Maintain neutral spine, don’t let your lower back arch, if you feel tension aim your legs higher toward the ceiling, if you need more challenge lower the angle of your legs.

3. Shoulder Bridge Prep

Lay on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arms long down by your side. Take a moment to make sure your hip socket, knees and toes are aligned. Press your hips up toward the ceiling. Bring the right knee to tabletop position. Hinging at the hip joint lower the foot down to tap the floor and return to tabletop position. Do 10 repetitions and then repeat on the opposite side.


Tips: keep your belly drawing in toward your spine, keep your pubic bone tipped toward chest, keep you pelvis lifted and steady.

Give these a try on their own or add them to Part I & Part II and let me know how it goes!

Have a great Monday,

P.S. – Looking for more? Try this long, lean tricep toner or this 5 minute booty burner.


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