Permission to slow down (+ a 2020 holiday photo!)

Hi friends!

Every year I set a goal to embrace a “Slow December” and after the events of 2020, I think it’s even more important this year to slow down, reset, and recharge for a new year.

Now that I have a whole team working with me here at The Balanced Life, it would be easy to give this up and continue with business as usual. But, I’ve held on to this concept of “Slow December” and now I encourage my team (and our whole community) to embrace this too!

We are working on some really exciting new things for 2021 and can’t WAIT to share them with you soon.

But for now, we hope you’ll join us in slowing down this season, connecting with those you love, and looking ahead to an exciting new year with The Balanced Life.

In true 2020 fashion, I hope you enjoy our “team photo” – thanks to Zoom. 🙂

And I thought it would be fun to round up the best of 2020 at The Balanced Life with your favorite blog posts + podcasts. Check out the top 5 below if you’re looking for a quick workout, a last minute gift idea, or need a podcast to listen to on a morning walk. 🙂

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday season!


Robin + The Balanced Life Team

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  1. Joan Priddy Southern 1 month ago

    Yes…. we often need to be reminded to slow our pace and “ just be”. I’m being reminded of this over and over this season. Thank you for your encouragement and time on the mat. Merry Christmas!

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