Nicole’s Prenatal Pilates Journey

Nicole Joelle has the sweetest blog where she writes about “learning to dwell.” She also happens to be pregnant and is cruising through her 38th week…so close to the end!

Last week she wrote a review of her experience with Balanced Beginnings and again, it made me so happy to read. I LOVE that she was able to keep up with the workouts at 38 weeks and is still committed to staying strong and active in the final days of her pregnancy when it would be so easy to throw in the towel and resort to the couch.

Here’s a little excerpt from her post….

nicole joelle blog

“So far, I’ve completed almost all of Robin’s videos (there are 5 main videos), read through the extra resources, and listened to the relaxation prompt.

Here are my initial reactions to her prenatal pilates program:

— Even with an almost 38 week old pregnancy belly, I was able to do almost all the moves (some I needed to modify just a bit).

— Robin is an excellent instructor and so encouraging. I never felt like I was unsure of what to do because her instructions were clear. I liked how we did each set enough times to feel confident about doing the moves but not so much that I got bored doing them. Plus, she just uses such positive affirmations 🙂

— I like how there are videos of different lengths so that I can choose my time + energy commitment based on how I feel or what I want to accomplish.

— After finishing up each one, I felt refreshed and energized. Especially right now, feeling energized (and not depleted) is so important! Plus, I think they also helped reduce some of the stress I had been feeling last week :)”

I LOVE that she is feeling energized rather than depleted. That is exactly what a prenatal workout should do 🙂

CLICK HERE to read the rest of Nicole’s post and to check out her adorable blog.

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