Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 9

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Hi Beauties!

While Pilates is my main thing, I also love teaching barre workouts. Barre is a great way to change things up while continuing to focus on proper form and efficient movement.

In the Beach Barre Cardio routine, you’ll not only tone and strengthen your entire body, but boost your heart health, improve circulation, and work up a sweat.

Keep your Pilates principles in mind, grab a chair for balance, and enjoy this quick & effective, 15-minute Pilates-barre workout!




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What I’m Wearing:

Lole Bonavy Leggings // Alo Yoga Elite Tank (similar)


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  1. mjcallahan3 4 weeks ago

    Another great workout. Very happy I joined the sisterhood as I love the challenge and variety these pilate workouts give me. Thank you –

  2. Lena 4 weeks ago

    I absolutely like you and the way you teach pilates so I will probably join Balanced Life soon… The only thing I don’t like is the expression “sisterhood”… In today’s society men are getting more and more excluded, they need to be extra careful all the time in order not to say or do something that might be offensive to women… And everywhere you turn there are women, women and women only :). Let’s just put “Balanced Life” in the foreground :).

  3. Katherine 3 weeks ago

    Finished day 9. Enjoyed it; but I’ll probably be sore tomorrow.

  4. Judy 3 weeks ago

    Wowee, I already did squats tonight in an hour long pilates class at my fitness center. My tush and thighs are burning!

  5. Sandy 3 weeks ago

    LOve this w/o !!

  6. Laurie 3 weeks ago

    So I was a few days behind on the 10 day challenge, but now it looks like I can’t access the final few workouts since your ten days has ended. That is very disappointing.

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