Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 9

Hi Beauties!

While Pilates is my main thing, I also love teaching barre workouts. Barre is a great way to change things up while continuing to focus on proper form and efficient movement.

In the Beach Barre Cardio routine, you’ll not only tone and strengthen your entire body, but boost your heart health, improve circulation, and work up a sweat.

Keep your Pilates principles in mind, grab a chair for balance, and enjoy this quick & effective, 15-minute Pilates-barre workout!

Today, we’re focusing on meditation once again! Your Mindfulness Assignment for the day is to find time for meditation. It can be moving or sitting still, 5 minutes or 50 minutes….it’s completely up to you.


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What I’m Wearing:

Lole Bonavy Leggings // Alo Yoga Elite Tank (similar)

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  1. Helenor 11 months ago

    Really good class you nearly had me out of breath and enjoyed every minute. Thank you Robin. 😅Xx

  2. Tina Silano-Willis 11 months ago

    Excellent class today…My legs are on fire!

  3. Nilaja Whitaker 11 months ago

    Loved 💕the barre workout Robin!! I did a piyo buns workout right before yours, so they went well together!! Also didn’t listen to anything on my way to work yesterday! Really enjoyed the peace and quiet!! Gonna do it agin today for the meditation challenge!!🙌🏾

  4. Donna 11 months ago

    Great workout. Thanks!

  5. Kathy in the UK 11 months ago

    That was fun, liked the movement, good workout x

  6. Diane 11 months ago

    Loved today’s workout. I’m going to do a little meditation now as Robin suggested. One more day to go. Can’t wait to find out all the details for joining the group

    • Jaclyn Elwell 11 months ago

      SO glad you are enjoying the challenge! You’ll love the Sisterhood – info coming on Wednesday 🙂

  7. Aida Behler 11 months ago

    Whew! Great leg workout today.

  8. Joyce 11 months ago

    I’m 79 and had no problem with this.Thank you enjoyed working out with you.

  9. Lilly Petru 11 months ago

    Day 9-excellent class today. Thank you

  10. Anna Bernier 11 months ago

    Done with challenge 9 and did 6 again for longer workout. Loved both.

  11. Janice Rennie 11 months ago

    Really enjoyed this workout ,it is so much easier for me standing exercising, I cannot do the ones on all fours,it makes my knees and wrists hurt.

  12. Lena O'Reilly 11 months ago

    Fabulous workout today Robin my favourite by far I shall repeat this again before bed.
    Thank you so much for these sessions they work for me.
    Regards Lena

  13. Brandi 11 months ago

    I think this was the most challenging because I had surgery on my right foot the Thursday before we started this, so it was pretty intense on my foot. I love these workouts though, it’s helping me heal. I had been working out for the 12 weeks leading up to surgery so I like staying active with these workouts. Thank you!! 🙂

  14. Kelly Stephens 11 months ago

    Really great work out! I’m so happy to do them everyday. Working on the less screen time and mindful quietness added to my day with meditation.


  15. Cheryl Westrick 11 months ago

    Good workout. Have to work on my balance.

  16. Elisha 11 months ago

    Great session. Felt the burn!

  17. Cindy 11 months ago

    I love the variety and encouragement to do the mindful activities as well.
    Thank you!

  18. Linda 11 months ago

    Gosh that was tough on my thighs!!! But I kniw I’ll reap the benefits. Thank you x

  19. Tess Kirk 11 months ago

    love the barre always thrown in. thank you

  20. Marcie 11 months ago

    My legs are burning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and loved every part of it.

  21. Margie 11 months ago

    I will miss this when it’s over. I look forward to workout everyday! Love seeing the beach too lol

  22. Wendy 11 months ago

    Day 9 complete and I caught up yesterday and today so I ready for day 10 with a clear mind.

  23. Ivonne 11 months ago

    Awesome 9 and we’re in the home stretch of this challenge!

  24. Julia 11 months ago

    That was a great workout, enjoyed the movement and working up a sweat.

  25. Julia 11 months ago

    It’s Julia again, just done the stretch workout 5 again after completing cardio 9, feeling great and ready for the day 🧘‍♀️🙂 thanks Robin

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