Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 8

Hi Beauties!

Ready for your workout?

We all know that meditation is good for us – but it’s not easy!

Did you know that since Pilates is considered a form of mind-body exercise, you can actually reap the benefits of meditation WHILE doing your workout? Pretty cool, right? 

I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

In today’s 15-minute Pilates workout, you’ll focus on your body, movement, and breath to experience the benefits of meditation in addition to the benefits of exercise.

For many of us, it’s hard to focus when our bodies aren’t moving – so this routine is designed to be a moving meditation to clear your mind and refresh your spirit, while also moving and strengthening the body.

I’m pretty passionate about today’s Mindfulness Assignment. Be sure to watch today’s video through to the very end for more details on what it means to “create pockets of silence” in your day. 

Keep up the great work!


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  1. Irene 10 months ago

    I feel I need to go to a class working on my own is not doing anything for me. Thanks for the chance. I won’t be doing anymore.

  2. Nilaja Whitaker 10 months ago

    Starting a new job today! I totally needed this forced concentration 👌🏾. Thank you Robin!!🙏🏾

  3. Cheryl Westrick 10 months ago

    Loved the meditation!

  4. Katy Myers 10 months ago

    There’s a lot of Yoga mixed into this workout. Loved this challenge so far but I do Pilates because I don’t want to do Yoga. I’m Christian and Yoga is a religion in and if itself so the two don’t mix. I’ll catch you tomorrow thanks this though the workouts have been great so far.
    Been working out with your videos for over a month and am getting much stronger love the ten minute concept it’s something I can do no matter what each day. Thanks for making these videos!

    • Katy 10 months ago

      I was wrong. Did some research on the differences and one of them is that in Pilates the poses are always moving even though they look the same as Yoga poses. So I’m good sorry about that thx again!

  5. Columbia Kidder 10 months ago

    Love these well thought out sessions. Great tips too! Thank you, Robin

  6. Carol Bryck 10 months ago

    Loved this workout – but my internet went down in the middle. So I logged n with my cell phone hotspot. Must be because I didn’t sufficiently digitally detox testerday!

  7. Tess Kirk 10 months ago

    Day 7 and 8 completed -thank you again!!!

  8. White 10 months ago

    Today was another great one I liked.. day 8 I’m so proud of me💃🏾

  9. Lilly Petru 10 months ago

    day 8- another great work out. Thank you

  10. Brenda 10 months ago

    Day 8: Wow! I loved the whole thing. Some of the movements are hard for me but you and your voice walking me through, seeming to know exactly where it was hardest and encouraging me through were wonderful. I’ve never done yoga so I can’t compare but this was really good for my focus and my “monkey mind” which is generally all over the place, lol. I, too, am a Christian, and totally enjoyed today. I didn’t hear anything that made me think otherwise. Focus on your breathe (for me that highlights focus on the breathe God breathed into me.) So, I figure you can look at things any way you want, positive or negative. I could have prayed through the entire thing even. Thank you for another great day!! These have been a Godsend for me!

  11. Lena 10 months ago

    Hi Robin another great session it was really challenging for me today i felt like a lump of lead but i shall do this session again before the next one comes through to get ito the flow. loved the medittion today i often do find a little time most days to have some quite reflection its a must for me. Best wishes and thankyou for today Lena

    • Lena 10 months ago

      sorry spelling mistake should read Medatation. Lena

    • Michelle Horton 10 months ago

      I love the videos even tho I can’t do em all I try do what I can and move on
      I love not having to go-to a structured class
      I can work on my own breath how I like make noise and screw up and no one knows!!

  12. Helenor 10 months ago

    Day8 loved the meditation so relaxing .Thank you Robin xx.

  13. Aida Behler 10 months ago

    Day 8! Feeling great!

  14. Jenny 10 months ago

    Loved the meditation session today, I’d say it was my favourite. Thank you so much Robin. I’ll also definitely try and get some quite time.

  15. Vicki 10 months ago

    Great workout. Like this type of meditation.

  16. Yoli 10 months ago

    Doing my 8th! Enjoyed all the great sessions so far! Thank you very much, Robin.🤗👍

  17. Rebecca 10 months ago

    I keep thinking that the workout should be much harder than it is, then all of a sudden it is, and I nearly fall over. But I keep trying to balance the best way I can, which is all it asks of us. God is with us even through these workouts, especially through these moments of refreshing. Thanks! Robin!

  18. Claire 10 months ago

    Day 8 done 😊 time for bed

  19. Anna Bernier 10 months ago

    Enjoyed challenge 8 and I look forward to tomorrow.

  20. Ivonne 10 months ago

    Great #8! I love the mindfulness assignments. It’s making such a difference to my day. THANK YOU!!

  21. Ivonne 10 months ago

    Great #8! The mindfulness assignments are making such a difference in my day.

  22. sierra Schirtzinger 10 months ago

    Day 6 and 7 were a stretch to fit in my schedule. This mindfulness workout was great.

  23. Deborah Robinson 10 months ago


  24. Wendy 10 months ago

    Just finished 8. Still want to catch up on 6 and 7 but Robin live earlier inspired me to just do 8 for today. So glad I did. I feel so much better and it doesn’t seem so daunting to play catch up on the others.

  25. Julia 10 months ago

    Day 8 done and really enjoyed it, loved the easy transitions between movements explained in a very clear way. Really enjoying this challenge, I aim to do this one again later today. Today I should be able to find some silence in my day as my work colleague is away who usually talks his way through our days at work…..🙄😄

  26. Jennette 10 months ago

    Loving the challenges. Really struggled with meditation today. More practice at doing this is the key.
    Thanks Robin

    • Jaclyn Elwell 10 months ago

      Yes, meditation definitely takes practice! We’re cheering you on!

  27. Kathy in the uk 10 months ago

    Playing catch up here so did day 9 before day 8, double whammy for me. Both excellent sessions and I love the way you mix things up. I am all in for peace quiet xxx

  28. Diana 10 months ago

    Catching up from traveling home. So needed this one to start my work week…onto 9!

  29. Linda 10 months ago

    I was too tired to do thus workout yesterday so I’m doing 8&9 tonight. Loved session 8, it was quite relaxing I thought. Thank you x

  30. Kristan Watson 10 months ago

    This was not what I thought it was going to be by the title! I almost skipped it and so happy I didn’t what a great 15 minute class thank you!

  31. Jana Edwards 10 months ago

    Hi Robin, thank you very much for your lovely short classes. I love them. I have two little kiddies who never stop and finding time to exercise is so hard. I’ve tried several different classes on the Internet, but I like yours the best! I also do Bounce and Boot camp classes twice a week so fitting these in are even harder. I do play catch up with your classes as I don’t manage doing both in one day, so I end up doing 2 of yours in a day. I know I should have been on a day 10 today, but still have 2 to go. Hope I can finish them tomorrow! Thanks again xxx

  32. artisto 10 months ago

    So right on the noise

  33. Lynne Langway 10 months ago

    Would have completed but I came down with bronchitis and pneumonia. I was enjoying the daily workouts

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