Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 6

Hi Beauties!

Our Mind Body Pilates Challenge workouts are all available in our membership site: The Balanced Life Sisterhood.
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In today’s 15-minute Pilates workout, you’ll strengthen and sculpt the muscles of your core to cinch your middle and tone your waistline.

You’ll work the muscles of your core with a special focus on the obliques (ab muscles that run along the side of your waist) to create a strong, sleek and balanced body.


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What I’m Wearing:

Lorna Jane Trikonasana Core F/L Tight // Zella Bri Lite Camisole


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  1. jane 10 months ago

    could really feel in my abs Loved it

  2. May 10 months ago

    Wonderful workout today but hard as I’m a lady of a certain age but I’m really enjoying it thank you

  3. Val Howey 10 months ago

    Would like to have done this , keeping all the emails until after I get home from holiday on 8th March – now today I see none of the videos will be available by then! That’s a shame

  4. Nancy 10 months ago

    That was a tough one. Feeling so good with the daily workouts. Im eating so much better too. Its a wonderful way to start tge day. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  5. Chae 10 months ago


  6. Eileen 10 months ago

    Enjoying the workouts! I’ve learned a couple new exercises to share with friends.

  7. Charlotte VanderBent 10 months ago

    Done! Feeling it:) I’ll also work on no caffeine after 2pm & make sure I get magnesium before bed. I use the spray on your skin kind… so easy to do right before bed and really helps with sleep.

  8. Pam 10 months ago

    Good one. Challenging. Will feel it tomorrow 🙂

  9. Sue 10 months ago


  10. Sue 10 months ago

    Feeling healthy doing Pilates!

  11. Kim Jeter 10 months ago

    Enjoyed my workout today but planks are really hard for me. I have enjoyed the whole week. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  12. Karen 10 months ago

    Awesome! Loved day 6 workout! 🙂

  13. Tiffany 10 months ago

    Robin I love your workout pants. What brand are they?

  14. Wanda 10 months ago

    I did #5 & 6 today. Wonderful workouts. Some of these exercises are simple variations of the exercises we do in yoga. But, side planks are killers for me–just can’t figure out how to get into position for one thing. If I do it with bottom leg bent, is that the leg that does all the support, and the top leg is just extended long? I can do a high plank for a minute, but side ones are almost impossible for me. I am loving the challenge of these workouts–thank you for offering them!! Can’t wait until tomorrow!!

  15. Sarah Phillips 10 months ago

    Done day 6 enjoying the work outs, May have to redo a few for reminders.

  16. Michelle Bartfai 10 months ago

    Day 6 complete! Thank you for another great workout. 🙂

  17. Kathy 10 months ago

    Loved the inner thigh you added at the end!

  18. Jan 10 months ago

    I am really enjoying the workouts! You do a great job and you seem to know when I need to straighten my leg!

    • janS 10 months ago

      This Jan is having trouble with motivation and focusing. i found these workouts gave me encouragement.

  19. Tina 10 months ago

    i love these workouts! thank you!

  20. Jossia 10 months ago

    Day 6 and 7 done today.
    Excellent and good feeling after
    Thank you🤗

  21. Sarah Phillips 10 months ago

    Done another great work out thanks. Think I missed a day so will do that now. Diet need improving too.

  22. Debbie 10 months ago

    Super workout. Good walk first and now onto Day 6 to stretch and catch up before the challenge ends. Thank you Robin

    • Debbie 10 months ago

      Switched around 5 and 6 so I could finish with the stretching. Boy it was good!

  23. Julie Cucinotta 10 months ago

    Tacked this on to the end of my cardio boxing routine this am which was very core focused – and it was great! Thank you!! I learned some new moves too which is always fun! 🙂

  24. Alison 9 months ago

    What happened? I did day 1 to 5 on my ipad youtube, and now the whole series is showing as ‘unavailable’. it this because I now have to subscribe?

    • Sarah Stoll 9 months ago

      Hi Alison!

      Now that the 10-Day challenge is over, the workouts are available for The Balanced Life Sisterhood Members. The Sisterhood is a monthly/annual subscription to a community dedicated to health, wellness, and balance. You can find more information about The Sisterhood, here:

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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